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Thread: VVL Headgasket Part No.

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2007-12-16 02:50:28
VVL Headgasket Part No.
Originally posted by Andreas Miko:
Originally Posted by Andreas
There are many people who have ordered head gaskets from Cometic and have gotten the wrong Part. This has happened to Manny SE-Rawkus.

There are 4 basic headgaskets that can be had at Cometic.

If you call them and ask them for the headgasket with the xtra hole in the back you will get the wrong gasket as there is another gasket from the SR20 family that runs an xtra hole, which is the S14 head gasket. Alot of guys are calling their S14 and S15 motors VE or say it has VTEC so they get the wrong gasket.


All SR20VE motors SR16VE, SR16VE N1, SR20VE, SR20VE 20V and SR20VET.

Part number starts H1794

All SR20DE motors FWD SR18DE, SR20DE, and SR20DE RR

Part number starts CM-C41

All S13 SR20DE and SR20DET

Part number starts C4324

All S14 and S15 SR20DE and SR20DET

Part number starts C4285
2009-09-19 22:30:55
Happened to me too. Luckily I got that taken care of. Thanks for the info.
2009-11-30 16:34:41
Good info
2010-09-22 16:05:12
Just a q??

Are those the cometic part numbers because nothing comes up when i type H1794 on the cometic site.
2010-09-22 20:29:31
You have to email or call them. If you give them all the details above they know what you're talking about. I guess they've been through it enough times now!
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