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Thread: The Forum Rules

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2018-08-05 14:33:13
The Forum Rules
Table of Contents:
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General Rules

  1. No Embeded Porn: NWS tags are a must if you plan on linking any type of thing that can be considered remotely offensive. This doesn't mean things like 2G1C will be tolerated. We have many members who work in an environment where peers/supervisors can and will be looking at their screens at any given time. PLEASE keep that in mind. This doesn't just include nudity, things with excessive profanity printed or spoken is included as well. Please use The Moshpit if you'd like to embed this type of content.
  2. No street racing stories or videos: Yes, we know (most) everyone has done it or been involved in it at some point, but we don't support it. We know it occurs we just don't want to be associated with it. Please use The Moshpit if you'd like to post this type of content.
  3. Political Threads: Political threads are now generally considered acceptable. Please remember that you are expected to be fair and balanced when sharing your view of the topic. No personal attacks or slander will be acceptable as always. You are encouraged to report any abuse. Violators are subject to immediate bans depending on the severeity and prior offenses.
  4. Religious Threads: All human beings come from all walks of life. Some are more religious than others. Please keep this in mind. We will not prohibit you from practicing your 1st ammendment rights; We only ask that you show restraint and caution with regards to these types of threads. Religious threads are generally taboo, and we'd rather not see overly heated debates on pros/cons of religion in general. There are religious forums for you to openly discuss your position all over the internet. Remember this is an automotive community.
  5. No vulgarity/cuss words in titles of threads. As mentioned above, we believe you should be able to practice your 1st amendment rights. We do feel that you should try your best to communicate effectively without the use of vulgar words, especially in thread titles.
  6. No threatening, or overly abusive personal attacks: I know people bang heads from time to time, and that's fine. If it gets to be too much you will be asked to take it to PM. If that gets out of hand you will be dealt with.
  7. No racial slurs, or offensive terms: We have people on this forum from all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and sexual preferences. We just ask that you think before you type. There is absolutely zero tolerance for this type of behavior. Equality amongst all who visit this forum is required, not requested.
  8. Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.
  9. No multiple accounts: Members are only allowed one account each, with the exception of vendor accounts. You are allowed to have one general member account in addition to one or more vendor accounts.

Revision date: June 6th, 2015
Discussion Thread
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Classifieds Rules

The Classifieds forums are a favor to the users, allowing them to buy and sell items amongst themselves. SR20 Community Forum - The Dash takes NO responsibility for ANY transactions made by its users, and advises users that the principle of 'caveat emptor' (let the buyer beware) is very much in effect. Some users aren't reliable, and it's the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they don't lose their money.

  1. All classified ads must be placed in the Forum Classifieds section(s).
  2. You must have a minimum of 15 posts to be able to list items for sale.
  3. Required information:
    • Your real name
    • Your location (City, state is sufficient)
    • Where you're willing to ship or not (local pick-up only is fine)
    • Contact info (email, AIM, PM, whatever you prefer)
    • PRICE - I don't care if you want offers or if you're trying to start a bidding war. SET A PRICE. You can always put OBO after it.
    • Payment options (paypal, money order, whatever)
    • Picture of item being sold

    Failure to include the above information will result in your post being deleted, and repeat offenders will result in a ban.
  4. You MUST include a picture of your item. At this point pretty much everybody has a digital camera or a phone with camera, or you can borrow one. Therefore, no more 'Email for pics.' If you have pics of the items you're selling, put them online and link to them or hotlink them in the thread.
  5. Bumping Rule: The original poster can reply to their thread for a pure "bump" if the thread hasn't seen any activity (from OP or otherwise) in a 24 hour period.

    All other replies, questions, and banter is allowed for both the OP and others with two exceptions. See below.
  6. Negative commentary: Do not trash someone's item because you don't like it or them and do not flame a person because you think they are asking too high a price. Use a Private Message. Your post will be deleted if your post is, or could be construed by the OP as purely negative and not constructive. If the price is too high for the market to support, the seller will find out soon enough.
  7. Grievances : The classified section is also NOT your forum for airing grievances - we have a feedback section for that, so keep it there.
  8. You MAY link in the classifieds to an Ebay auction you are running.
  9. You MAY NOT link to sale topics on other message boards. Just copy and paste here, very simple.
  10. No “Gauging Interest” or “Testing Waters” threads. If you're looking for a value, post in the appropriate section elsewhere on the board.
  11. No "selling for friends," listing for friends, etc. Tell them to sign up and post themselves (after they've been here a while, that is).
  12. No annoying, distracting symbols in thread titles!
  14. No Commercial Selling
  15. No group buys outside of the Group Buys section. If you wish to post a group buy, you must contact an Administrator first! All un-approved group buys will be unceremoniously deleted.
  16. Spam will not be tolerated in any form.
  17. Topics will be moved/locked/deleted without warning at the forum staff's discretion.
  18. Trades are subject to the same rules as the For Sale threads. If you have a trade post it in the Classifieds section(s) using the For Sale template.

    Revision date: July 3rd, 2015
    Discussion Thread
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