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Thread: Not bad for $100 header

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2009-03-15 22:12:36
Not bad for $100 header
Well to be fair I spent an extra $100 to have it modified.

Went to Church Dyno(Honda tuning Mecca) to get a baseline. It was a pretty good experience. At first nobody paid any attention to me. I mean who would when I showed up in a four door Infiniti. All through the shop there were RSX’s and S2000’s and there was a turbo S2000 in the next stall getting dynoed. Most of the guys’ attentions was on the S2000, it all changed when I made the first pull and the high cams kicked in, 211 hp showed up on the monitor. One guys asked out loud, “was that vtec?”, “how come it sounds like a Bseries?” It was funny. Soon a lot of questions came my way. On the second pull the guys were ready to cover their ears. It got the attention of Shawn Church(Honda guru) himself, and he came over to help out. They were so impress with the motor and the sound(was louder than the S2000) that they gave me two extra pulls. Usually with baseline pulls you get three pulls the tuner doesn’t touch the engine. In my case, they allowed me to bump up the fuel pressure. The first two pulls showed 14:1 afr across the board. With 5 more psi, the engine made better midrange. The 215 hp showed up when Daniel(dyno operator) sprayed water on the intake manifold. The engine got heat soaked because they never turn off the engine in between runs. The runs were made in 4th gear.

So here’s the setup on the 54k miles stock block 2.0.

Pistons: 20v 11:1 compression
Cylinder head: valve job by Portflow
Cams: N1 intake, Franklin S4 exhaust
Exhaust: 2.5” full exhaust with twinloop muffler and straight pipe
Header: modified 2” 421 Ebay header , collector and flex pipe were left alone, they are still 2”
Intake: Place Racing warm air, with stock DE maf and old school Akimoto Funnel air horn

Still has all the accessories: power steering and ac

As far as I know, there has been two other VE’s on this dynapack. One made 165 with stock VE exhaust manifold, the other full bolton VE made 185. Here’s the link:dyno result-dissapointing or not? - SR20 Forum

With more mods and tuning, I say 225-230whp is possible on a stock block 2.0
2009-03-15 22:23:15
Here are some engine bay and header pics.

2009-03-15 22:41:54
On sites like clubrsx and honda-tech...they all claim that church's dyno reads 8% higher. Its supposed to be a known fact they read high. Even at 197whp your still good.
2009-03-15 22:42:02
Nice! Making good power with A/C and Power Steering FTW!
2009-03-15 23:31:16
nice numbers indeed.

2009-03-15 23:35:32
2009-03-15 23:41:06
Well done Rob, great stuff. Numbers are getting up there & it looks like we have very similar builds with very similar results.

Now did anybody pay attention to the cam combination that Rob's running?.... if you ask nicely enough he may explain.
2009-03-16 00:11:01
I like when our motors get the unusual attention If anything, I'd get a VVL head JUST for the sound I must be a closet ricer
2009-03-16 00:34:17
is it ok that the valve cover is capped off (going to the intake)?

are all the intake ports capped off?
2009-03-16 00:54:48
Nope lol he's probably getting some blow by
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