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Thread: SR20VE vs. K20A

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2012-06-21 11:54:33
Watch out with candles cliff. They can set comforters on fire when gettin busy. Ask me and my girl how we know.

The K will chew our shit up at the end of the day. Now, for every properly built K, you will probably run into 10 that were done on a budget to get it running with the most basic shit. I have raced K's before that my 2.0 beat. I also had the chance to race K's that I know would tear my car another asshole. You win some, you lose some. Careful because some of them say 'stock' when they know its a K20/K24 hybrid.

At the end of the day, make sure you have a bottle of nitrous and a 150 shot. Seriously.
2012-06-21 12:10:59
Let just start putting honda k20s ans k24s in our cars......
2012-06-21 12:13:44
2012-06-21 12:41:59
K20's pull premium one-week before race wars!

Nah, just doesn't have the same ring to it. lol
2012-06-21 14:53:05
I ran my buddies eg hatch when I had my bone stock ve. He had a jdm type r k20a2 swap will the basic bolt ons running and fine tuned on kpro. His car made 235whp and was full interior minus a/c. My car was gutted, stock cam ve with open ssac header, pullies, flywheel, intake w/ pop charger and calum basic. His car with him was around 2500, my car with me was around 2300. Went from a 10 roll and I was side by side with him until 115 and then he pulled a fender length and we stopped.

So not bad at all if you ask me. N1 cams and it would have been all over for him. But i did have a weight advantage. lol
2012-06-21 14:54:10
Ive seen other k swapped cars run and they were not impressive at all. Like it was said. For every fast k swap, there are 10 or more that are just basic swaps on a budget and are dog slow.
2012-06-21 15:07:36
this is going to be a long debate again LOL
2012-06-21 15:21:09
another thread comparing a race spec K20 to a sr20ve that comes in 'grocery getters' - bluebird, wingroads and primeras.

we need to check what chassis these high powered k20 motors come in [there are some lousy k20 too] and see what purpose these k20 were built for

we should be happy with the power that we are milking out of the economy sr20ve motors. at least i am happy. i concede that most k20 are superior to sr20ve

2012-06-21 16:54:28
Well technically, the K24+ motors are the quick ones. They big 2.4's come in the CRV, Accord, TSX, etc so I don't think they were race spec either.
2012-06-21 17:09:11
I say regardless of which motor or how much better each one is isn't one important factor is power to weight ratio? K is easy to make power but ve runs pretty good stock with n1's.
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