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Thread: Traction bars!

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2015-03-12 19:55:07
Traction bars!
Might as well start the thread now,

links from the other thread
Originally Posted by Keo
Originally Posted by javierb14
Here we go

i spy traction bar

Originally Posted by javierb14
What you see there is where I jack up my car, not a traction bar, but it could be. I originally designed the bar to add an additional transmission mount and motor mount. Both additional mounts use rod ends with LH and RH threads so I can preload the engine/trans and remove any play from the poly mounts.

It started with the CAD for the tow hook bolt pattern

Then I welded in the DOM tube connecting drivers to passenger side.

Modeled up the motor mount that bolts up to the AC compressor bosses

Converted the CAD to CAM, cut the parts out on the plasma table, then welded them up

I haven't finished the trans mount portion...but the bar also mounts my electric H2O pump down low.

I could add a supporting arm from the bar to the front LCA to prevent fore/aft deflection...but we'll leave that for another thread

this is a pic from my friends NX, which IMO is the Ideal set up.

I'm sure there's plenty of interest in this seen plenty of request, Javier do have a lot of his plate but you can't rush perfection! lol
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2015-03-13 23:20:34
I've thought of doing this myself, looks good.
2015-03-13 23:31:51
Looks like the Honda full race one or at lest the design I like it
2015-03-14 01:34:02
he is an ex full race employee iirc! lol
2015-03-14 03:56:57
The pics above are mounts for various gadgets on my b13, I wasn't going to run traction bars off the tow hook tie in bar but I'll see what I can do. Let me ask this, why do yall want them? Is it to prevent fore/aft deflection of the OEM lower control arms? If so, I'll have to design them so they don't bind @ full droop/bump, while clearing wheel/tire @ full steering lock. What other design considerations do yall want?

I used to work @ Full-Race while (and a little after) going to school. Now I use my engineering degree and fab experience as a test/project engineer in the aerospace/space industry...and make go fast car parts as a hobby
2015-03-14 10:51:38
No bind equals winning!
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