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Thread: dyno tune today (nismotronic) sr20det, numbers

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2014-10-16 19:35:54
dyno tune today (nismotronic) sr20det, numbers
So i finally got everything buttoned up on my s13 and got it on the rollers.

I'm curious what you guys think about the numbers

stock redtop sr20det (unopened)
journal bearing 2871r
z32 maf
550cc injectors
stock manifolds
3" turbo back
nismotronic SA
93 octane shell
tuned at 16psi

we got 289hp and 271tq

AFRs low 11s

is this about what i should expect?

i can upload a .tcd file later if anyone would like to see..ill also post the dyno plot
Last edited by remy on 2014-10-16 at 19-36-57.
2014-10-16 19:47:20
We got - 283HP - 266TQ @ 13.5 PSI on a stock FWD SR20DE with a rough street tune. The only big difference was the Tomei S13 cams and BB turbo. I would say you are doing good with a cheap turbo and stock cams.

Setup was:
99' SR20DE 9.5:1
Tomei S13 cams
Garrett GTX2867R
500CC injectors
3" Exhaust
AEM FIC piggyback + 99 G20 ECU
2014-10-16 20:02:27
Hmmmm, a journal bearing 2871R huh?? No Garrett 2871R is journal bearing, so that may very well be yoor problem right there (read: cheap/off brand turbo)

For a proper 2871R, you should be seeing well into the 300WHP region at 16psi (granted you have a set of cams to aid this).
Last edited by Boostlee on 2014-10-16 at 20-04-42.
2014-10-16 20:12:48
yeah it is not a garrett
its a knockoff
2871r from twisted motion

thanks for the replies so far

guess the tuner did a pretty decent job for my setup

i can honestly say i have never driven a car this fast before (yes I've lived a sad life)
Last edited by remy on 2014-10-16 at 20-19-50.
2014-10-16 20:18:45
Yep, figured. The numbers you are seeing are low for a 2871R IMHO!
2014-10-17 01:44:49
I dont think they are that low comparing that he is running 8.5:1 compression.

The 9.5:1 would get higher HP at lower boost, I know the difference between the 2 because Ive had both kinds of turbo setups and the 9.5:1 are way more responsive.

Also 9.5:1 lowport flow more air than old S13 SR20DET, which are highport.
2014-10-17 01:51:41
heres the graph

2014-10-17 17:16:54
Are you using NismotronicSA EBC?
2014-10-17 17:48:32

...wait, what is ecb?

running nismotronic SA newest version and nemu board installed in my ecu
2014-10-17 17:50:09
Originally Posted by remy

...wait, what is ecb?

running nismotronic SA newest version and nemu board installed in my ecu

EBC (electronic boost controller)
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