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Thread: Major Forum Changes Ahead

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2018-11-06 16:58:28
Originally Posted by BenFenner
My throat is still on fire, but I'm managing it with over-the-counter sodium alginate and hoping to de-stress soon which I think will help. I'm 95% sure it is pepsin reflux, I just need to order the test to be sure.
I've also developed something very similar to sciatica, and my left leg is in pain most of the time now too. That's been going on for ~6 months now and I'm working on that too. I feel a bit like I am falling apart, and I do think the high level of stress for the past couple years has to be a major cause.
Thanks for the concern. I wish I had better news to report on this front.

On this note, I have heard also of just a change of diet working WONDERS for a myriad of different ailments. I am not sure what your diet is, but if it doesnt currently consist of a pretty exclusive selection of whole and natural foods, coupled with fresh from the farm meats, you could potentially improve a lot with just trying that. I have lost 30lbs in the past few months and more importantly all the aches pains and even my chronic reflux has vanished. Its amazing what it did for me, and I havent taken one OTC or prescription medication to date. Just go back to what your great grandparents would have gotten from the farm. Stick with that.
2018-11-06 17:47:38
Yah, I went on a strict elimination diet which just happened to be along the lines of what you're talking about. I eat and drink quite well (healthily) already though, and the diet had minimal impact after ~8 months.
I've bounced from one doctor to the next, and I'm having to teach them about the ailment instead of the other way around. =/

I've got a few major things I'm trying to finish up soon, so I'm hoping that will lift the load and calm me down some. We'll see.
I appreciate your concern. It's been a long time in pain without much support (not that I've asked for any...).
2018-12-01 19:48:35
Have you considered intermittent fasting (IF) diets? Some recent studies are starting to show that intermittent fasting can force the body to start flushing out old malfunctioning cells that refuse to die on their own (cancer). Basically, when you're body is hungry it tells those aging cells to be destroyed and re-purposed to build new cells.

I've personally have been IF dieting for about a year (no food from about 9pm to 12pm), along with caloric restriction I've lost 30lbs without hitting the gym, but overall health is getting much better. I heavily reduced processed food intake and cook at home 99% of the time now, cutting out processed food made me loose my first 10lbs without caloric restriction even. I eat a ton of meat (beef, chicken, and pork), ton of veggies, good amount of fruit, and much less bread. This year I've had the lightest seasonal allergies, I've taken 10 or less anti-hestimine pills all year, where as usually it would be a pill a day all spring.

P.S. I'm still really missing the email alerts on topic replies, even a rudimentary alert as soon as a reply is posted would be welcome (similar to PM's), otherwise I forget to check up on threads and FS threads :-/.
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2018-12-01 23:02:01
It's been exactly one year since this pesin reflux started, and there's no end in sight. I'm still waiting to take a definitive test for it, but that should happen soon. I'm hoping/thinking this is all stress related.
I've developed sciatica, which has been going on for maybe 6 months. And my right hand is suffering what feels like nerve damage, which may or may not be related to everything else.

Again, possibly all stress, we'll see. I've not been able to work on the forum really at all for a while. Other things are taking priority. I do plan to get back to it soon, but I have to finish building an elaborate outdoor enclosure for our cat's safety/sanity. Then trim down to a 2-car household, then finish a retaining wall I half finished before the cat enclosure took priority. Once all of that is complete I should feel much less stressed, and be able to get back to working on the forum, among other things.
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2019-02-04 18:08:00
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