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Thread: what is this...

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2013-10-18 21:39:07
what is this...

yeah so idj what all this crap is...but only on this site do I get it...I cant hit the back button, or if I do like a zillion times before it actually goes ,back,......

I don't get it what is it? pop ups? but nothing ever pops up?

this happens no matter what....only on this site
2013-10-18 22:18:10
Have you tried using a real web browser? Ok, seriously though if you must use IE, you can to go Internet Options -> Security -> Restrcited sites and add, http://static.ak.facebook.com. That will prevent your browser from trying to use the site's facebook-connect api.

I've also seen something like this in firefox, but not chrome.
2014-05-12 16:46:53
@PEDRONX2k are you still having this issue?
2014-05-13 11:23:48
@BenFenner no.I havnet had that issue for a while...but I also dont really go on thru my pc much....mostly thru my.phone. I can tey agaian latwr tonite
2014-08-22 16:45:38
@PEDRONX2k are you still having this issue?
2014-08-24 04:58:39
I'm going to mark this fixed. Bump this thread if you find that is not the case and mention me in your post.
2014-09-02 00:37:27
Ya know what I dont think ive had it happen since I , think I unlinked the fb profile with it...
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