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Thread: Double win of header failure, lengthy story ahead.

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2014-04-28 19:52:47
Ok so call it 260 shipped. Still not a bad deal.
2014-04-29 00:22:33
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Originally Posted by morgans432
maybe his dad was chinese and made these headers...

storm might be the new ashton

Nah my last name is "White" - which was one of the 14 different last names that came over on the Mayflower. My dad was about as white as you can get. I myself am Italian and irish.

wait so who did your dad half an affair with cause if hes white and your italian and irish he must of had a threesome and they combined to make you
2014-04-29 02:20:17
lol! my dad was mostly irish and my mom is 100 percent Italian
2014-05-12 23:34:05
Morgan make you suh fool. How did you not figure that out? White people wernt developed in America you know. They came over from other countries. How much whiter do you wana get than Irish white person?
Last edited by Reedom on 2014-05-12 at 23-35-34.
2014-05-14 03:59:14
native american - irish ?
2014-05-18 21:49:45
My SSAC was missing weld AND the primary to downpipe doesn't even line up correctly! Got $20 back from them, welded it and somewhat fixed the lining up part.. So SSAC is crap also lol
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