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Thread: does ANYONE have a scan of the electrical foldout?

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2010-09-24 15:42:50
does ANYONE have a scan of the electrical foldout?
I can't find it in any fsm downloads we can get on this forum and for some reason have lost my paper fsm to the masses.

any help is appreciated - I'm looking specifically for the ficd and aac valve wire colours, and where they end up leading to.
2010-09-24 22:22:31
I'll see if I can shoot a pic of it tomorrow.
2010-09-24 22:24:00
I have them from the 1994 FSM. The giant engine one. Let me find it.
2010-09-24 22:24:37
Originally Posted by BenFenner
I have them from the 1994 FSM. The giant engine one.

Thats the one I need - hook me up?
2010-09-24 22:25:09
Okay there's this one... (However I wouldn't completely trust the wire color to match what's on the diagram. Nissan has been known to not exactly follow it.)
I have it in higher res I think if you want it e-mailed.

2010-09-24 22:25:36
And this one.


(Not embedded because it's not the right one. Doesn't have the wire colors.)
2010-09-25 16:24:43
Exactly what I need - the 2nd one told me (for those who care) that the ficd valve wire goes:
1) Ground (black)
2) Air conditioner relay (yellow/black)

And the AAC is
1) pin 113 on ecu (blue)
2) electronics fuse, 10A, 3rd from the bottom in the left row of the fuse panel inside the car (red/black)

thanks benfenner, you're the man!
2010-09-25 16:31:37
Gimmie one second.
2010-09-25 16:34:47
Here's that spot on the high res version.

2010-09-25 20:41:52
Thanks ben - I got outside and did the check, and was hoping someone could do one quick checkup for me with a multimeter.
step 1) turn your multimeter on and put it on continuity (the one that beeps when contact is made)

2) unplug your ficd (the hexagonal one) and put one lead to the ficd harness, doesn't matter which one
3) check if there is continuity on:
a) Ground on the intake manifold

b) remove the relay for the air conditioner (located beside your battery and is a blue relay)

c) check continuity on both pins that are closest to each other on the harness side of the relay
d) change your lead to the other pin on the ficd harness side's plug and repeat steps a through c.

If continuity exists in all cases, then I wired it right, and something else is the cause of my nervous breakdown when it comes to my shatty idle.

And thanks for doing the test for me as well in advance !
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