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Thread: new to the forum. just bought a 1994 b13 coupe..

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2023-11-27 22:28:30
new to the forum. just bought a 1994 b13 coupe..
Hello all. Stoked to find a forum with active members!

Just bought a 94 b13 sentra 2 door with 220kms. Ga16de manual trans.

Been a long time nissan lover and happy to be back into a sentra. My first car was a b12 sedan and I loved that thing. Next I went to a 91 s13 hatch and I still have it but it's turned into a project car and I hardly drive it as it's always another thing. Just wanted something simple again that I can just enjoy driving like my old sentra!

Also have a 91 wd21 pathfinder 4x4 that's turbo diesel swapped. It's just about back on the road now, just have to finish the exhaust for it.

I do have a 90 300zx na slicktop as well but it's still in the "fix other people's damage" category and I have yet to drive it.

The b13 is gunna be my new daily and I am absolutely stoked to get the thing running and driving like it deserves again. The body is very clean for the age which is amazingly rare up here in canadia. It has a broken front spring so I picked up a set of mild drop springs for it (couldn't find replacement oem height springs anywhere) and it has a weird running issue. Idles fine, little hard to start. If you Rev it slowly it will free Rev in neutral but it doesn't like to be driven under load and if you quickly move the throttle open and closed it will fall on its face. Still working through all the systems to try and figure out what's going on.

Anyway that's a long intro, long time nissan fanatic and stoked to be back into a sentra and the one I always wanted to boot, a b13 coupe!

2023-11-28 12:55:35
Welcome to the fold, Nef. As you can imagine, there used to be more activity around here, but some of us still lurk around.

Got any pics of your stable? We'd love to see them.

The forum isn't huge on GA16 knowledge, but of course we are no strangers to a 2-door B13.

How is the maple syrup looking these days?
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