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Thread: 92 Black se-r 180K - Time sensitive sale, currently impounded, $1000 obo

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2010-06-02 22:26:10
92 Black se-r 180K - Time sensitive sale, currently impounded, $1000 obo
The situation:
I was out of town last week when my 92 se-r was towed out of a public use parking lot in Baltimore that was recently converted to private rental spaces. I came back yesterday to find my (project) car gone with a $400 impound fee that I do not have, with an additional $50 charge for each day it remains impounded. Therefore, I am left with no choice but to hopefully sell it to someone who will appreciate it vs. abandon it to the bastard ass towing company for substantially less than its worth.

This is a good car and I have loved it, so I am clearly pissed at my current situation. I am technically the 3rd owner, 2nd if you don't count the short time the son and wife inherited it from his father who meticulously maintained it the majority of its life.

The Good:
- The car runs strong with 180K on the odo, is mostly stock, in good condition and has been well cared for it's whole life.
- Doesn't smoke, leak anything or burn oil.
- Recently replaced distributor, spark plugs, fuel filter, oil/oil filter, gear fluid, rear brake pads, rear rotors, left rear hub, fan motor resistors, and new battery.
- Replaced 3 of 4 motor mounts with prothanes, except for passenger side, which I still have.
- Recently installed OBX headers and 2.5" cat with 2yr old 2.5" JGY catback
- Has decent condition 16" enkei or-52 rims with a little curbage on one and some spots of clear coat flaking. Nothing major, no dents, bends or cracks.
- Good clutch and tranny with no 5th gear pop out.
- Installed blue Super Brite LEDs for gauge cluster.
- Installed smoked Tsuru head lights, corners, and grill with bumper fillers.

The Bad: (mostly MD inspection related)
- Tires need replacing
- Shocks need to be replaced, but I have a full set of fresh GR-2s never installed.
- Plastic screw mount broke for passenger side Tsuru corner broke, so needs new corner piece (turn signal still works fine).
- Front brake pads need to be replaced, but I have them on hand.
- LED for gas gauge went out.
- No AC
- Small rust spot on inside corner of rear wheel wells.
- Runs well, but alternator may need to be replaced.

Spare Parts:
- Full set of new KYB GR-2 shocks
- New front brake pads
- New drive belts
- Spare O2 sensor and stock headers
- Passenger side prothane mount
- Spare set of stock se-r rims, tires are bad
- Spare oem oil filters and crush washers

If you want to pay the impound fees and negotiate with me on the rest of the price, I am open to that and I can meet you at the impound lot with the keys. I'm not trying to make a steal on this but I could use the money and I don't want to abandon a good Classic to an impound lot. You can PM me or reach me on my cell at 407-902-1160.

The towing company is:
Frankford Towing
6300 Bel Air Rd.
Baltimore, MD

2010-06-03 01:48:38
Snap! this is a good deal! hopefully someone grabs it up
2010-06-03 02:11:45
no ac as in it was taken out or it dosen't work?
2010-06-03 14:02:03
AC is still in, but the compressor is bad.
2010-06-03 15:24:32
what's your name again? i remember working on your car before but i don't remember the name.
2010-06-03 18:21:53
What's up Keo, I'm Noah. I've been out of the loop for a while due to picking up a new DD and the ensuing lack of project finances. Yeah, you you and Jen helped me do some work on it up at Jen's shop a while back installing the prothanes and some other basic maintenance stuff. You also fixed the holder for the washer fluid.

That was when my wheel lug sheared off on the hub bolt and I couldn't get my wheel off until I drilled out the stud. That's why I had to replace the rear hub.
2010-06-03 18:48:00
If only I had a spare $1,000...GL man, hope everything works out for you.
2010-06-04 00:34:01
I think im understanding right 1000-impound or 1000+impound....
2010-06-04 01:53:00
I'd be all over this if I had my Subaru already
2010-06-04 06:45:01
wow dude that really sucks man i just read this thread. i do hope that somebody gets this. kind of sucks because i have put my hands in this car and workd on it.
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