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Thread: P11 BC Coilovers

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2012-10-09 02:53:58
P11 BC Coilovers
Hey @MajorMods

Are you able to get P11 BC D-36 coilovers?
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2012-10-13 21:59:09
Yes, I can get any coilover from BC or Ksport.
2012-10-19 04:32:25
Does the P11, N16, B15 share the same?
2012-10-19 13:27:13
P11 has four shocks.

B14/B15/N16 (I think) has rear shocks, front struts. (aka the goofy rear beam)
2013-03-19 02:01:04
The N16 and B15 share the same chassis. The P11 does not.
2013-03-21 18:43:13
I just got my B15 set and these are nice!

Originally Posted by datsun_sky
Does the P11, N16, B15 share the same?

They do not, P11 has all 4 shocks; multi-link front and rear beam rear. B15 has front struts and rear shocks; McPherson front and rear beam rear. P11 setup is much simpler because steering is not done by the shocks, while McPherson setup has to have bearings in the top mounts to be able to steer.
2013-06-08 02:57:58
can you PM me a price on a set of BC's for a B14. 10/8k. May or may not opt for the swift spring option.
2013-06-08 12:08:07
PM sent
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