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Thread: The SR20DE(t) Compression/HeadCode List

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2007-12-11 09:14:26
The SR20DE(t) Compression/HeadCode List

This is a post for pople trying to identify what engine they have...
Lets keep this to ONE POST PER PERSON UNLESS YOU NEED TO ADD SOMETHING. Make sure to include your USDM motors also. Also Inclued other markings on the head like 5R 1R 3L and such Tell alittle about your engine so we can get a list of what to look for in 10:1's and so on.. Pictures would be great also! Turbos will be added soon This list will be updated often!!!!

Head #'s
1N5 V1 - SR16VE
1N5 V2 - SR20VE
5J -
51N -
52F - Larger Exhaust Valves Silvia engine
53C - JDM Pulsar GTi-R. 8.3:1 T28 Turbo Low Imp. 444cc Injectors Larger Top Mount Intercooler Larger Oil Cooler Solid Lifters Ind. TB's Oil Squirters
53J 2L- Flat Pistons, highport, egrless and gold/black Valve cover (*)
53J 2R - Normal pistons, highport, egrless and gold/black Valve cover
53J 4R - found in South African Nissan Sentra's and Sabre's. Silver valve cover and 10:1 compression.
53J 7R. Gold Valve cover with black strip down middle, egr-less, tubulor exhaust, highport
53J V1 - USDM Black Channel Valve Cover Highport 9.5:1 1990-92 Red Injectors EGR OBD-1
53J V2 - 1R USDM Silver Valve Cover Highport 9.5:1 Red Injectors EGR OBD-1 1993 RIBS
53J V3 - 5R JDM Ribs on head Silver Valve Cover Red Injectors Mitsubu Alt. tubular ex. manifold 1/1 in circle and /5 in circle on head beside 53J
53J V4 - JDM Black Channel valve cover
53J V5 - JDM Silver Valve Cover No Ribs
53J V6 - BlueBird SR20DET 8.5:1 sodium filled valves 7mm stem Oil Squirters T25 Turbo High Imp. 370cc Injectors Top Mount Intercooler Oil Cooler Hydraulic Lifters Single TB
53J V7 - JDM Black Channel valve cover tubular ex. manifold 10:1
53J V8 - 2L W11 Avenir 8.5:1 silver valve cover Ribs 370cc purple injectors T25 ball bearing turbo Big TPS No EGR Mitsu altenator High port Internal coil OBD-I Stock oil catch can steel pipe has a built in restrictor.........the one the runs from the valve cover forward then behind the distributor to the stock catch can. same BOV/CBV as teh 1stGen DSM
53J V9 - W10 weaker BOV then the W11 Non ball bearing turbo 8.5:1
53J V10 - 3L 10:1 JDM bare aluminum cover w/ black in the middle No Ribs under the coil there is a circle with a line through it and a small number 7
53J V11 - 2R I think this is a W10 BlueBird SR20DET 8.5:1 sodium filled valves 7mm stem Oil Squirters T25 Turbo High Imp. 370cc Injectors Top Mount Intercooler Oil Cooler Hydraulic Lifters Single TB Red V/C black channel
53J V12 - 3L JDM Ribbed head, All silver valve cover, either a 6 or 9 and a 1 in circles under the coil.
53J V13 - 8R JDM with an 8 in a circle behind the coil bare aluminum vc tubular header external coil and egrless of course highport ribs on the side of head
53J V14 - 8L USDM Ribs 93 NX2000 All Silver Valve cover 9.5:1
54C - N14 Pulsar DET
54D -
58Y - SR18DE JDM highport.
64J - SR18DE SR18Di JDM lowport.
65J - 2R 2J2 10:1 JDM Silver valve cover
78E - BlueBird SR20DET (53J Head) Larger Exhaust Valves
79E - Larger Exhaust Valves
89H - SR20DE Silver Valve Cover U.K. '94 SLX P10 lowport No ribs 10.0:1.
89J - SR20DE Red Valve Cover UK lowport sodium filled valves 10:1 Gray 259cc Injectors .
94Y V1 - 3L SR20DE US lowport 9.5:1 OBD-1 1994
94Y V2 - SR20DE US lowport 9.5:1 OBD-2 1995-99
96J - 1R UK Redtop 10:1 Highport (UK 101 1R 96J head)Gray 259cc Injectors Mitsubu Alt. sodium filled valves
Unknown - USDM B15 Roller Motor Nonpainted VC 9.5:1 OBD-2
Unknown V1 - AUTECH 11.5:1 175hp for Lucino Nonpainted VC
Unknown V2 - AUTECH 11.5:1 180hp for Primera Nonpainted VC
Unknown - 53J 4R, JDM 53J 3L, 53J 1R McRib USDM, 53J 4J???, 53J 4L

Cars With 10:1's or higher

Nissan 100Nx GTi
Nissan Sunny GTi
Nissan Almera 2.0 GTi
Nissan Almera Tino 2.0
Primera HNP11
Primera 2.0e HP10
Primera 2.0eGT (5 door) FHP10
Primera 2.0GT FHP11
Primera 2.0Te HP11
Primera 2.0T4 HNP10
Primera Wagon WHNP11
Nissan Primera Wagon 2.0 WHP11
Prairie Liberty GF-PNM12
Autech Sunny Lucino Version B13
Autech Lucino Version 3 door N14
Autech Pulsar SERIE Version N14
Pulsar GTi Autech version N14
Autech Primera 2.0e HP10
Tommy Kaira ZZ-S
Tommy Kaira ZZ
Nissan Avenir GF-PW11
Nissan PRESEA 1.8L R11
2007-12-11 09:21:16
Hey that was my list from ALONG time ago. Thanks for keeping it updated
2008-03-23 21:24:01
i have a 53j 9r head.... does anyone know what that is?
2008-04-14 03:58:26
I have a 53J 3R i don't see it anywere is that a turbo engine
2008-04-15 00:37:46
this has already been posted
2008-04-17 04:30:44
78E block 53J (5R) head 370 cc inj T25

not sure if this is an entirely stock setup or not this is what was in my project when i bought it.
2009-01-08 18:51:56
does anybody know anything about the 53J 1R McRib USDM i just picked one up today.
what is the compression on this motor and stuff like that.
2009-01-29 00:41:46
53j 3L - Mine had this head casting and it had 10:1 pistons. Looked like any other DE.
2010-01-08 19:57:47
I just bought a new engine for my Classic, the head code is 53J 9L
I couldn't find that code anywere, I think it's a 9.5:1 cr engine (it better be) but I don't know if anyone has any input about it.

2010-03-03 18:16:38
For the guys with the flat top piston engines. Post up if you have the exhaust sodium valves.
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