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Thread: EDM Parts Requests

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2012-02-17 17:08:16
EDM Parts Requests
Okay, since the GTI-R is technically an EDM N14 Sunny on steroids, maybe you guys would like to have some EDM shwag.

Now, I'm not certain what I can mean for you, but if you need anything specific, let me know.

For example, AFAIK, most GTI-Rs are RHD, which means the headlights are RHD as well. In a country where everyone drives on the right side of the road, I think people are blinded a lot by the RHD headlights.

You could replace them for a set of LHD Sunny headlights, and be done with it.

They are available in both manually and electronically adjustable versions (the latter comes in handy when you have something heavy in the back, or passengers, the headlamps can then be aimed down).

Let me know if you need anything!

Some prices:

N14 EDM LHD headlights (manually adjustable) - $150
N14 EDM LHD headlights (electronically aim-able (vertically)) - $225

Prices excluding shipping and 4% PayPal fees.

Here's the shipping quotes for all countries outside Europe:

0-2 kg € 24,10 (app. $35)
2-5 kg € 34,20 (app. $50)
5-10 kg € 57,10 (app. $80)
10-20 kg € 104,10 (app. $150)

Note: Since the Euro/Dollar exchange course may vary, so will the actual prices in dollars.

If you are in Europe, ask me for specific shipping quotes.
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2012-02-17 18:17:27
just curious how much for lhd headlamp for the right side of the car, unfortunately got a chip in my lhd lights.

also would u b able to ship replacement rear arches i know they're cheap just nobody wants to ship to canada from europe. like these NISSAN SUNNY 92 > 95 REAR WHEEL ARCH 4/5 DOOR L/H | eBay
2012-02-17 18:40:25
Well, in the past I've sold regular (manually adjustible), OEM N14 headlights for 175/set (which is the same as I've sold some EDM NX headlights), so probably half of that, excl. shipping. But I think there's some differences between some models of N14, for example, it is said that the SR20DE powered N14s had different headlamps than the GA16 powered ones. I could find out if you like? You could then compare your findings with your own headlights, and see what version you need.

The lamp would then be shipped in a cardboard box filled with those foam-chips.

I always try to get OEM Nissan parts, but if someone specifically asks for the (much cheaper) aftermarket brands like Valeo or Deko, that can be arranged too.

And yes, I'd be willing to order those wheelarches and ship them to Canada, but all costs are for you, plus a little extra for my efforts :P
2012-02-17 20:25:20
I put a message in another post(g20) that if you are shipping out sea frieght stuff, I would be intersted in a set of fenders, hood, and front end.
2012-02-17 20:30:11
N14? Or specifically GTiR (meaning the hood with the airscoop)?

EDIT: I'm not sure how long it'll take, though :P
2012-02-17 22:46:05
Gtir, yes. But I really dont need a hood with a scoop, I really like the fenders, so If i could just get them I would be happy
2012-02-17 22:47:29
gtir hood scoops?
2012-02-17 22:54:12
Ok, to help me understand: from you signature I take it you have a B13 SE-R, and you want to do an N14 front swap?

If so, the regular N14 parts will do as well, right?

What parts exactly do you need? Hood, fenders, front bumper (what version? See below), headlamps, indicators, grille?

Different bumpers (from common to rare)

Regular N14 Sunny bumper

Sunny GTI Phase I bumper

Sunny GTI Phase II bumper

GTIR bumper
2012-02-17 22:58:45
Originally Posted by 99sel-r
gtir hood scoops?

What about them?
2012-02-21 20:43:47
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