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Thread: Koyo Review. Newer V-series vs older R-Series (racer/street input please)

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2016-01-27 17:46:01
Koyo Review. Newer V-series vs older R-Series (racer/street input please)
So this Thread is for a review or info for those who would want to try out the newer Koyo Style. Trying to get some feed back on this. I sent an email to Koyo and this is the response I got in regards to the discontinue model older r1977 (52mm) VS the newer (36mm) V020311.

Hello Gino, thank you for contacting Koyorad. Yes R1977 has been replaced with V020311. The 53mm thick R1977 is actually one of our oldest models and was developed when Koyorad did not yet offer the 36mm cores for our performance radiators. As our core offerings have expanded and technology has improved, we can now get similar if not better results in smaller packages. Instead of prioritizing coolant volume as the industry once did, we now take fin/tube density and overall size into consideration. With much less volume than our old 53mm core, you have less chance of the cooling system heat soaking. A narrower radiator with similar tube and fin density has a number of benefits: improves overall air circulation through the radiator and entire engine bay, accounts for much less weight, easier to install, and allows more room for other performance components/coolers in the engine bay. For this application we took the OEM 16mm core density into account and determined that the V core was a better choice over the VH core. An engine that is over cooled or has difficulty reaching its proper operating temperature tends to run at a rich state and not within the vehicle manufacturer's recommended conditions.

Racing Department
KOYORAD Cooling Systems, Inc.
15 Doppler
Irvine, CA 92618
KOYORAD.COM - The Leader in Aftermarket OE Replacement Radiators
Aluminum Performance Racing Radiators by Koyorad (Koyo) Racing

SO.... With that been said... if it does the above new benefits, I'm guessing the new radiator (less velocity) with stock fans cfm VS older thicker core with weaker/low-profile fans cfm should cancel out to been even? I would like some race track car drivers reviews on this subject/point. And if that is in true.. going non-low-profile cfm fans and getting aftermarket with higher then cfm fans should be a correct theory?
2016-01-27 22:22:43
Well I decided after a few more replies on question from Koyorad, I will be giving this radiators new design a chance. I don't road race but will be in high temp weather next summer. Let's see how this goes.
2016-01-28 04:06:53
In for results as I have the old style in my turbo car in FL and would like some more room in the bay...if they do actually cool as well,I would be interested in a new one also.
2016-01-28 17:32:07
the response I see from koyo is marketing and not engineering.

I'd like to see actual data, and pictures.
2016-01-28 21:18:19
Yeah same here but then again in pass we never actually had any until a forum memeber/magazine etc took the chance. Ill be the guinea pig on this round. Better then the auto rad. I have now that who knows what it came off of lol. I will install it once I have time and get a temp gauge.
2016-01-30 00:12:38
Yeah if it's just as good as the R1977 it'll be a welcome change. Less weight and more room for fans especially for the turbo guys.

I emailed Koyo and asked for some data. Let's see if they actually provide some information.
2016-01-30 00:27:18
Good luck on that as I didnt get any. I did ask for it. Also I plan on doing a before and after.

Im think of this testing using a innovate temp gauge (just ordered that today)

1) stock fans and stock auto radiator from ????
2) stock fan and koyo vseries
3) stock fans/koyo/gspec
4) stock fans/koyo/gspec and either nismo thermostat (kinda hard for me to justify that price) or upgraded electric fans (not thin but same sizes or bigger then stock)

I plan to do it with stock fans for the useage of the shrouds. Im not in a rush to get this done and itll take awhile to get real life testing.so bare with me.

But beforr dping all the above testing...I need to figure out about my ac and heater issues (yes all speeds work but does not grt hot or cold)
2016-01-30 02:38:15
A good apples to apples to apples test would be.

Stock Rad/Stock Fans->V020311/Stock Fans->R1977/Stock Fans.

If you limit the variables you can get a good picture of how the new radiator compares. Do you have any friends that can let you borrow their R1977 for a few weekends?
2016-01-30 02:57:46
No I don't. I used to have one WAYYY back in the day but never installed it. I wanna say this looks the same so far just not as thick. Not to sure if whats inside of the core are comparable. I will def do stock radiator/stock fans vs v02311/stock fans.

This is my prediction stock fans/koyo v02311/larger water pump pull will = r1977/electric fans. The biggest difference would be weight & room is what would be the real benefit of this newer unit. But we'll see only time will tell.
2016-01-31 03:18:39
Top Five Overheating Cars And How To Keep Them Alive - Import Tuner Magazine

There's an article with some a small piece of info. It's on a Impreza. Not much but something. Should I install the temp sensor gauge inside the radiator that they provide for the sensor? or the neck on the motor?
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