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Thread: Help Needed Asap: Axle Removal

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2010-10-16 02:39:18
Help Needed Asap: Axle Removal
So I have a 200sx with a g20 transmission in it and I just got new axles today to put in because the remanned ones I had got destroyed in about 500 miles and I am unable to get the passenger side axle out. The car still drove fine just the inner cv on the passenger side fell apart. From what the guy told me at the auto parts store I might have been sold an automatic axle instead of a 5 speed one but the axle fit in fine so idk if there is a difference. I have tried so many different things to try and pull it out and i got nothing. I was literally working on the axle for at least 4 hours trying to get it out. Ive pry barred it, hammered it, pulled on it, i had a friend come out who works on cars to try and help me too and he was stumpped. ive never had this much trouble with an axle before and ive removed a good amount of axles. The weird thing is that it will move in and out a little bit but it feels like it is stuck on something. The only thing i can think of is that this axle that i recieved had one of those snap clips on the end which is making it not want to budge but even if it did have that i have definitely pulled on it had enough to make it come off. The only thing i can think of to get it out is to drop the transmission and have to take it somewhere to have them pull it out or driving my car to a shop and having them remove it. If you have any suggestions please let me know. This is my DD i need it done!!! Thanks
2010-10-16 03:13:35
The passenger side axle should just slide out once the 3 bolts holding the carrier bearing are out.
2010-10-16 03:33:58
Exactly that's why I am so confused
2010-10-16 05:22:31
If I remember correctly there is a ring on the end of the shaft that pops in place when installed and in order to get it out you have to give it a quick tug to pop it out. You'll know when it's out. Hope ya get it!
2010-10-16 06:23:15
It's a biatch to get it out.. You have to pry it out... You should use a pry bar where it goes in the transmission. It wasn't easy at all for mine to come out
2010-10-16 07:59:30
I have had the hardest time with this one and everytime i tried to pry it it would just slip off and i would punch something because the lip is so small. I just got a different pry bar so ill try to use that one and hopefully it works. i need this bitch out of there.
2010-10-16 11:25:19
The hard one to get in and out is the driver's side, not the passenger side. The passenger side should slide right out after it's freed up on the hub side and the 3 bolts for teh carrier bearing are removed.

There was a thread a while back about a member who got an incorrect or damaged axle. He had a horrible time getting it out. I can't remember how he did it or which forum it was posted in.
2010-10-16 11:35:42
I had to yank the shit out of mine but it came out
2010-10-16 14:53:52
Just gotta keep workin it. hammer lightly around the edge of the shaft thats by the trans housing, then pry and pull. use a large pry bar. I mean go find a torsion bar and use it.
2010-10-16 17:17:40
I tried helping a buddy get one out. It didn't happen.
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