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Thread: For the people saying that the stock fuel pump is only good to 200hp...

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2008-09-02 04:54:44
For the people saying that the stock fuel pump is only good to 200hp...
Yall are wrong lol. Ive run mine up to 20psi and it did it without a hiccup at all. The stock fuel pump can supply enough fuel to support at least 300whp without a problem at all. Most likely it could do more but I didnt get a chance to install a huge turbo yet
2008-09-02 05:02:50
Plot your wideband o2 results at WOT... saying it isn't going to make anyone jump ship lol.
2008-09-02 15:23:59
the real question is for $100 why risk it?
2008-09-02 15:25:35
Originally Posted by matt_pound
the real question is for $100 why risk it?

well said
2008-09-02 15:32:03
^^x2......you got the $ to go turbo,but gonna skip out on 100 bucks...doh!
2008-09-02 16:49:05
because why fix what ain't broken, OEM is better quality then walbro, and cutting yourself on that stupid access hole then getting gas in the cut really sucks

I do have a walbro in my turbo car. But that is after I ran my stock pump for 120k miles on my turbo g20. I thought I was having a fuel problem and swapped it out. Turned out the maf was not secured properly. I should swap the OEM back in but I tossed it. The walbro is loud.
2008-09-02 19:02:20
i have been running up to 1 bar on the stock fuel pump my wideband says all is fine! one day ill rewire it so it gets power straight from the battery or drop in a q45 one
2008-09-02 19:16:07
well look at the size of the walbro, too me it seems like the stock fuel pump will flow more fuel and looks like it will work less harder to do so. but still the walbro has been tested to flow what it does and the stock has not, haha so i think i will stick with my walbro, its all about design now how big something is
2008-09-02 19:22:14
The real difference here is that the Walbro is designed as a high pressure pump where the stock unit is not. The stock unit might be fine with 200+ WHP in an N/A build but should (in theory) fall on it's face when having to deal with the higher fuel pressure needs of a boosted engine. Obviously if what Johnnywangwang says is true then there's more to this story than it would first seem.

For reference the Walbro is good for some 500 WHP I believe (gasoline of course), yes?
2008-09-02 22:08:10
BenFenner thats the thing. I myself also just recently installed my Walbro 255 in my car after putting it off forever. I have boosted anywhere from the stock boost on my T25 on up to 15+ pounds on my Greddy Turbo with no problems at all. ALso when I drive my car I dont drive it like im scared its going to break so its get taken through the gears alot because i know its reliable. I also, on my Old NX sprayed a 50shot dry with bolts ons and never had a problem (not as bad as boost but a dry kit bumps fuel pressure directly to add fuel to the car).

Yeah for only $100 you can have a Walbro. But as Robj80 already said...if it aint broke why **** with it. The stock fuel pump WILL flow.

Tokes, My Wideband showed 11.9-12.0 (what its tuned for) accross the board with the stock pump. This was on 15 to even 17lbs. It never ran lean because the pump couldnt supply enough fuel. If it ever ran lean it was because it wasnt tuned right. The stock fuel pump CAN and will supply enough fuel for at least 300whp easily. Funny thing is...I didnt need to change the tune on the car either when I swapped the Walbro in. All I had to do was turn down the pressure. That tells me that the stock pump wasnt straining to keep the pressure up where it needed to be. The real question is...who here has actually had a stock pump fail pushing the limits of HP? Cause Ive been on this forum and the old one for years and Ive never once heard of a person complaining that they needed to swap the stock one out because it couldnt supply enough fuel. Think about it.
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