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Thread: What is the most affordable way to tune SR20DE with ITB???

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2023-12-10 18:48:42
What is the most affordable way to tune SR20DE with ITB???
Hello everyone. I`ve recently put a S13 SR20DE into my 1993 200sx. The engine did not come with a factory intake manifold and MAF, but I was able to source GTI-R ITBs locally and for cheap.(I am from Ukraine and parts are extremely hard to find and it`s expensive/impossible to ship them from overseas). I`ve already started the engine with GTI-R tps connected, but no MAP. It did run, but i was afraid to rev it. So I would be very grateful if you answer some of my questions:
1. Is it safe to run the engine with no MAF at all? I guess it shuld have some kind of Alpha N map for emergincies
2. Is it a good idea to get an Apexi Power FC D-jetro and tune it with MAP sensor? I`ve read PFC has some issues with "understanding the lack of vaccume the car has at part throttles" whatever this means.
3. What other affordable options do I have for MAP or Alpha N tuning? I would prefer a plug-in ecu that also supports the OEM distributor.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge and mediocre english. Unfortunately Link and Haltech are out of my price range, so I am desperate for a cheaper solution
2024-02-07 15:37:11
- Usually without the MAF the engine will not allow revs past 2500 or 3000 rpm. So it does have a base map, but it is in limp mode so to speak. Personally, I wouldnt try to daily it.
- Can't really help with the tuning parts..but the 'easiest' way would probably for you to fabricate a new plenum so you could use a MAF...I'm guessing getting a GTi-R plenum is out, otherwise it would be the way to go, imo. Eitherway the MAP would probably need to see all cylinders for it to work properly. But again I'm not a tuner.
- If Link / Haltech are out maybe DIYTune (megasquirt)?
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