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Thread: EDM Parts Requests (P10 grille with lights on P3)

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2011-12-19 23:13:35
EDM Parts Requests (P10 grille with lights on P3)
I've been doing this for the NX for a while now, but if any of you P10/P11 owners wanna buy some EDM stuff, let me know what you want. Not sure in what way the USDM ones differ from the EDM ones, I'm not that much at home in the Primera models, but if you need any specific parts, let me know.

Some prices:

EDM P10 dual-bulb headlights (electronically aim-able (vertically)) - $225
EDM P10 Red/White taillights - $175

EDM P11 Red/White taillights - $175

Prices excluding shipping and 4% PayPal fees.

Here's the shipping quotes for all countries outside Europe:

0-2 kg € 24,10 (app. $35)
2-5 kg € 34,20 (app. $50)
5-10 kg € 57,10 (app. $80)
10-20 kg € 104,10 (app. $150)

Note: Since the Euro/Dollar exchange course may vary, so will the actual prices in dollars.

If you are in Europe, ask me for specific shipping quotes.
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2012-01-31 01:09:55
CA: edm full set of tail lights
how much do you think you can get me the edm tail lights ?
2012-02-13 20:03:29
Lol, only now I see this reply, but I'm already dealing with him :P
2012-02-13 21:03:23
eudm headlamp, egt bumper and skirts... egt steering wheel 3-spoke wheel... all at a decent price... or so... or i could only buy one at a time.... DJ2 color code to boot would make my life easier
2012-02-13 21:32:57
I could get the parts for a decent price, but shipping on the skirts and bumper is killer. And I DO mean exorbitant, since it has to go through a big company like UPS.

The headlamps and steering wheel would be easy. Shipping those will probably be between $45 and $80 (depending if the total package weight is under or over 2 kilograms). Also, would you happen to have a pic of said steering wheel?

In what way is the EDM headlamp different?

And what color is DJ2?

EDIT: What is a "decent" price to you?

Last time I tried sending bumpers overseas with UPS, it was in the 500 euros range... The thing is, from a certain size up, they stop dealing in actual weight, but in calculated weight.

So for example, a box with the dimensions of an NX Nissan Sport rear bumper cover would weight about 7 kilograms. However, because of the dimensions, the box is calculated to weigh 70 kilograms. And THAT'S what you'd be paying for. However, this would mean that I could theoretically ship 10 of those bumpers (leaving the extra room needed out of the equation), for that same 500 euros. So if I could gather more orders from the same magnitude, the shipping costs could be split.

Also, I could always try seafreight, but I haven't had experience in that before. I'm getting a pallet of parts from the US myself in a few weeks, so I'll see how that goes.
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2012-02-14 20:56:18
Can you send me a pm how much edm tail lights would be?
2012-02-14 22:14:52
2012-02-15 16:21:05
Crate would probably have to do for the larger items..

but the steering wheel pictures i have to find and the eudm lamps are duals, low and high beams are sperate.. while USDM are one for both high and low.

45-80 is not bad for shipping all things considered, if they could be packed in to one shipment would make it a lot simpler as well.
2012-02-15 17:14:12
What model are we talking about? P10 or P11?
2012-02-15 17:20:01
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