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Thread: VVL RWD Oil Pickup?

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2010-07-21 09:09:31
VVL RWD Oil Pickup?
S13 DET Block , VE Head , Ve Oil Pump.

Lots of people modify their oil pickups but look Dino is using a SR20DET one with No issues pulling his car hard on top speed runs as we see , he just extended the bolt holes and thats it. he also revs to 8k

2012-02-24 16:50:05
If you still need help with this, please let us know.
2012-02-24 19:03:07
I do, planning on using a VE pump on a S13SR.
2012-02-24 19:23:57
To do this really well in my opinion you'd want to use the VE pickup tube and strainer. While, there are two versions of this tube (one puts the pickup in a slightly different position) it shouldn't matter which one you start with.

The reason you want to start with the VE tube and strainer is because of the increased diameter and flow capacity the VE tube offers over the DET pickup. Basically you'll need to custom fabricate the VE tube to move the pickup location to the middle of the RWD pan (or toward the back some) with the strainer facing the correct direction.

You may also have to clearance the lower oil pan baffle some.

Barring that type of modification, you can probably re-purpose the RWD DET pickup to work with the VE oil pump as THE_FUGITIVE mentioned above. I'm not sure what is involved with that though, so others will have to chime in.
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