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Thread: Let's talk Clutches...

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2014-08-08 13:43:41
Let's talk Clutches...
Looking through the manifesto and after searching for a while, there's no defined answer for the clutch choices for different applications. There IS heaps of info on theory, basic knowledge compositions, etc...
Just wanted to make a thread to help out others (and me) decide on the best choice for your application. In my case i'm planning on building a VE-T with a goal of 450+ hp. Most of the stuff found is outdated and there's a lot more options when it come to clutches than a few years ago. If we can build a log similar to other used in different threads like:

Car: (chassis)
Engine setup: (Turbo,N/A,nitrous,etc...)
Transmission: (B13/14, P11,RS6...)
Clutch Choice: (brand/model)
Use: (drag, autocross, street...)
Durability: (how long have you ran it)
Remarks: (any good or bad reviews about your choice)

If there's another thread like this and i just didn't look enough, please let me know and delete accordingly...Maybe if we collect enough info we can add this to the Manifesto.
2014-08-08 13:54:36
And i will start with my current setup

Car: 92 Sentra 4 dr E
Engine setup: sr20VE w/intake, SSAC header, 3" exhaust
Transmission: B14
Clutch Choice: JGY Street 6-puck (wish would have known abouth JGY then)
Use: Daily driver, ocassional drag racing
Durability: So far i have over 12,000 miles but i don't really abuse it. Installed in June '09
Remarks: So far it's no a bad clutch kit, pedal feel is a bit harsh but nothing too bad. No chatter or weird vibrations. I'm pleased but would not get the same due to that shop's reputation.
2014-08-08 21:00:51
Car: 92 Sentra SER
Engine setup: VE swap w/ all bolt ons
Transmission: OEM B13
Clutch Choice: Clutchmasters FX500 6-puck w/ Fidanza flywheel
Use: Track and drag
Durability: Great
Remarks: Good - reliable, good price, quality product. Bad - well not really bad, but its kinda noisy, chatters, not the easiest to drive around town with
2014-08-09 14:23:12
Car: 99 p11
Engine setup: VE fully built swap w/ 6262 turbo
Transmission: OEM p11
Clutch Choice: Clutchmasters FX500 6-puck unsprung w/ sr16 flywheel
Use: Track and drag....street use...daily driver
Durability: Great
Remarks: clutch feels like stock....only downside is chatter but its not too crazy....car is super easy to drive
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2014-08-09 21:51:09
Car: 94 sentra
Engine setup:n/a, soon to be on nos
Transmission: b13, soon to be b15
Clutch Choice: clutch master 3.5
Use: street/strip
Durability: about to go install in
Remarks: read good reviews hope it works for what i need it to
2014-08-09 22:13:23
Car: B13 NX
Engine setup: Turbo
Transmission: P11
Clutch Choice: ACT Xtreme, 6 puck sprung
Use: Everything
Durability: Used it from Fall 2010 to Summer 2013 (it will live on in my next build)
Remarks: Loved how it felt, took a little time to get used to but Id buy it again

Car: B13 NX
Engine setup: Turbo
Transmission: RS6
Clutch Choice: Spec Clutch Stage 3+ (metal disc)
Use: All the things
Durability: Summer 2013 to Present
Remarks: Loving it so far
2014-08-12 16:22:38
Car: b13
Engine: turboed ve
Clutch: spec stage 5 iron disk
Use: street, track, to beat on
Durability: so far so good 6 months going strong
2014-08-12 16:35:02
Car 1.1
Car: B14
Engine setup: Turbo Sr20DE (240 WHP)
Transmission: B14
Clutch Choice: ACT HD PP/B15 disk
Use: Street
Durability: 10K Miles
Remarks: Pros: Held the Power well, no chatter, stock pedal feel. Cons: NONE! Gearbox blew before clutch slipped.

Car 1.2
Car: B14
Engine setup: Turbo Sr20DE (340 WHP)
Transmission: B15 converted to cable
Clutch Choice: Clutchmaster FX500
Use: Street/Trackdays/HPDE
Durability: A few thousand miles and almost 6 hrs of hard track time
Remarks: Pros: Held the Power well, no chatter, stock pedal feel. Cons: On/Off engagement
2014-08-15 15:05:53
My thoughts.

0-250 ft-lbs: JWT pressure plate with a 2000 SE (B15 chassis) Valeo organic double-sprung clutch disc. (Link)

250-700 ft-lbs: Street-oriented twin or triple disc clutch setup with organic friction material, marcel springs, sprung hubs, etc. (Cusco makes one I think, and MotoIQ reviewed it which I can't find right now).

End of story.

What others use has nothing to do with what are good choices IMO. So many horrible clutch choices out there.
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