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Thread: Guam sr20ve (THE DEATH OF)

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2012-12-04 01:30:59
Guam sr20ve (THE DEATH OF)
After the car had been down for about 6 months, I was able to make a couple of passes with her.. I am still having some tranny issues and still playing with launch and shift points.. Both runs I ran out of gear (3rd)..

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2012-12-04 01:50:27
Ken are you still running the same setup or did you install the HC pistons.
2012-12-04 02:43:40
I have the N1 pistons installed. I'm currently looking for another transmission at the moment. The 1st to 2nd shift is really hard to get into. I didnt have this problem with my other tranny...
2012-12-04 18:28:48
did you end up swapping over to the 8CW crank? what are your impressions from the new setup with the n1 pistons? you're running 91 octane? congrats on getting it up and running again, 6 months is a long time =)
2012-12-04 23:31:23
Thanks.. I had the motor on a stand but my wife was about to birth to my daughter... I was too busy with my little girl to work on it.. Then one day, I decided to finish it..
I did swap to the 8cw crank, it is heavier. That with the n1 pistons, the car seems to stay in the upper rev range when I shift & not tend to drop off.. The car feels like it has more in it, but I just run out of gear.. It didnt help that there was a strong headwind that night, which messed with the ram air and q45maf..
2012-12-05 03:38:57
Ken what trans are you running? what gear are you crossing the traps? rev limit?
2012-12-05 04:42:41
I am using a se-r transmission with a 4.7 MF FD... Before the the piston and crank change.. I was launching @ 8.8k and shifting at 9ish... Crossing at 3rd gear at 9ish.. Now, trying the same thing I am bouncing of the rev-limiter on 3rd gear.. (limiter is around 9.7-9.8k).. Before the mods my best was 12.7 @ 108 n now 12.8 @ 105..
2012-12-06 08:54:25

2012-12-06 23:52:14
Your car looks great, I would like to know what size rims and what kind of tires you put in your car??
2012-12-08 07:17:35
More pics of the S14 in the backround!

B14 is sex bro. I wish I had that as a nitrous street monster!
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