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Thread: End of year fuel system deals!!!

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2013-12-26 20:09:33
pms sent

Good start guys!

Lets get some more orders in, I can assure you this will be the best pricing you will get on these rails and injs!

Doug Fab
2013-12-27 18:33:36
Payment sent for above rail. Really good deal, Doug!
2013-12-27 21:46:13
Doug! How much shipped for the ID1000's, a -6 rail for stock 5/16" lines and stock regulator???

This would look nice on the manifold your building me

B0J1T0 Canada

Oh and whats this about the purple tops? Do I need them, and what's the purpose?
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2013-12-28 00:27:29
Originally Posted by Haulin200sx
Doug! How much shipped for a -6 rail for stock 5/16" lines and regulator and ID1000???

This would look nice with the manifold your building!

B0J1T0 Canada

Oh and whats this about the purple tops? Do I need them, and what's the purpose?

I would say one of my rails is a damn necessity to go with my intake's! haha

For lowport + highports I build the rails to fit the purple tops. they aren't required but they do have a secondary filter inside them which is nice to have.

The purpose of injector dynamics selling there injs with diff tops is simply to let one inj fit hundreds of diff applications. the adapters just change the total height of the inj.

VE's cant use the purple tops do to the fact that it will make the rail hit the IAC.

Rail is $150 I can include it in the same box as the intake.

Do you already have ID's? or a regulator?
2013-12-28 01:56:16
I have a stock regulator to use (might get another nismo adjustable) but I will need the ID1000's with the rail! Can you pm what the price of that will be. I know the intake is not finished, so your not at set total price for the intake yet.

btw........... any intake manifold pics yet ........................................................
2013-12-31 15:17:00
Today is the last day for this sale!!!
If you are even contemplating going with one of these rails get your order in.
Wont see pricing this cheaper then this.

Everyone else, thank you for your orders. Hope to ship these out to you beginning of Jan!
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