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Thread: Clutchmasters

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2013-08-21 15:06:24
I know everyone here on the Sr20-Forum loves Clutchmasters,

So im proud to sell these great clutches to the community

Clutchmasters by far has the superior clutch kits for any vehicle but especially the SR20

They have over a dozen diff combinations on clutch kits available for us
Anything from stock replacement to full drag Twin disc setups

PM for pricing and availability on any of these clutch kits
CM flywheels are available also

I will post up all available products with pricing when I get a quick second

Thank you,
Doug Fab

See here for application
If you are in need in finding what clutch is right for you just let me know I will send you in the right direction

Clutchmasters.com - High Performance Clutch and Flywheel Systems
2013-08-21 15:53:30
Good stuff man.
2013-09-01 17:29:36
SR20 Pricing list:

FX100/ $405 Shipped

FX200/ $495 Shipped

FX300/ $495 Shipped

FX400/ $495 Shipped

FX500/ $405 Shipped

FX725/ $1440 Shipped

These are all complete clutch kits,
•Pressure Plate
•Clutch Disc
•Throw-out Bearing (when applicable)
•Pilot Bearing or Bushing (when applicable)
•Alignment Tool

Flywheels available also!
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2013-09-01 18:06:44
Anything clutchmasters makes I can get.

Anyone who buys a clutch kit I will include 2qts of redline gear oil for free!!!

Just tell me what weight you need.

Doug Fab
2013-12-01 04:00:48
How long is that free red line deal going? Looking for something that's easier in the leg than act xtreme, and can hold 500whp.

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2013-12-01 05:01:25
fx500 is the way to go. Do you price match? Like to keep the money in the community when i need something
2013-12-01 08:00:50

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2013-12-01 16:45:28
yes of course I will price match.

also the redline deal is still available.
2013-12-01 16:49:22
okay awesome look forward to doing business with you in the future
2013-12-05 06:08:04
How much for a FX500 for a 240sx?

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