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Thread: CalumSult Labview source code

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2010-07-29 18:50:15
CalumSult Labview source code
Source Code

Licenses under GPLv2.

I haven't touched it in over a year and probably never will again, so any questions will probably fall on deaf ears.

If someone recompiles it with LV8 or whatever for running on Vista+ please let me know, I'd love to have a copy.

This is everything since I started writing it. The last version isn't stable I think, but the one before that was IIRC.

Have fun!
2010-07-29 19:44:44
Hmm, thx calum
2010-09-30 16:17:17
Did anyone download this source?

I am assuming he pulled the file from his server.
2010-09-30 16:29:40
I tried right after this was posted and the link did not work.
2010-09-30 16:32:28
Ok. Was just curious, thanks.
2010-09-30 21:18:11
The problem is the fact that the link wasn't posted correctly. Notice the 3 dots in the link. It has been shortened for space. The original link is probably longer.

This forum does that too, it makes it impossible to copy a link posted on here.
2010-11-13 23:08:29
come on guys took me all of 2 mins to find this using google and the partial url

2010-11-15 13:31:58
Updated the first post with proper link, thanks to happyharrysco1.
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