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Thread: Did my first AutoX today

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2014-01-20 00:36:16
Did my first AutoX today
Ran in my first Auto X event today....A lot of fun and a lot of cars out. I placed 1st in the AWD class with my bone stock 03 Subaru Forrester 2.5 Auto. It was only me and a Mazdaspeed 6 in the class. My buddy with his WRX went into the Advanced class. Fastest time for me was a 45.25, the owner of the MS6 did a 47.XX I believe. One of the Advanced drivers drove his car to a 43.50 but it wasnt counted as it was not the signed up driver driving it. But even overall the balls slow forrester held its own. Fastest time of the day was a 40.16 from a BRZ, followed by a 40.35 from a new very well set up 5.0 mustang. Slowest times were in the low to mid 50's

Overall it was a blast and had a lot of fun 3 wheeling the hell out of the Suby.....While it was way too underpowered and the auto killed it, it handles pretty well and pulls itself out of the turns pretty good and handles slaloms very well. I basically just left the car in 1 to keep it in 1st gear because if it would upshift it would fall on its face. Cut 3 seconds from letting it try to upshift and downshift on its own vs running the course in 1st gear which through the long slaloms it would bounce the limiter a couple times before the sweeping turns.

Ill post up pics from the event and possibly a vid when they surface.
2014-01-20 21:29:59
Sounds like you had fun....... and that's the most important thing. It's a lot of fun, just hard on tires.....
2014-01-20 21:33:51
It was a blast. Cant wait to get the sentra out there
2014-01-20 22:01:12
Lol, so you beat 1 other car.

Just kidding, good job. I placed 6th out of I think 18 in my 92 VE last summer on shit tires. Damn, I need new tires. Never ever ever buy NANKANG tires, ever!!!!
2014-01-20 22:53:59
Well overall there was about 50-60 cars running and my time was in probably the top 20%....Lets just say there was two vettes out there and none of them went quicker than my 45.25 So that was a good feeling. The event organizer came over and congratulated me and said I was putting on a good show and did really well putting a lot of nicer cars to shame in a damn forrester. So that was a good feeling.
2014-01-21 12:08:07
Welcome to your next addiction.
2014-01-21 20:55:16
Lol, I don't know about that, but Im gonna get the sentra done and put it out there and see how well it does. Should be fun
2014-01-21 21:11:33
The video on FB is hilarious.
2014-01-21 21:33:40
Whistle Tip go Wooooo Wooooooooooooo.

They were getting a kick out of the 3 wheel action going on. hahaha. They literally thought I was gonna roll it. Thing is, its pretty much impossible to roll the thing. As soon as you overpush the limits of the car, the tires on the opposite side of the turn will just start skidding/skipping/hopping. Pretty good stuff. They said my back wheel was a good foot off the ground on a couple of the overly pushed turns
2014-01-22 02:58:01
Originally Posted by Turbo91SER
Sounds like you had fun....... and that's the most important thing. It's a lot of fun, just hard on tires.....

Yea, what he said. If you get too competitive it starts loosing its fun, unless your winning. My old man has autocrossed for like 45+ years and I raced with him for a few too. Was good times.

If you ever get the chance to run a pro solo, they are fun, have drag like starts with a mirror image course, so 2 cars are going at same time, they were always fun, kinda mixed the 2, drag and autox.
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