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Thread: SR20DE Swapped N15 Pulsar Gti Engine mounts

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2023-11-26 12:27:37
SR20DE Swapped N15 Pulsar Gti Engine mounts
Hey everyone, new to this forum but have been reading threads for a little while now. I’ve just picked up a 1996 Pulsar Gti that’s been sr20 swapped from a primera. The engine mounts it has now are diyed poly and i am a bit lost to what i could replace them with. Would SSS pulsar engine mounts work? Or would i have to fabricate something? I have access to a welder and have some basic skills but i’d rather buy something from someone who actually knows what they’re doing haha. Happy to try anything though it’s all good learning. I couldn’t find much out there about engine mounts for this swap so if it does end up being a bit of a process i’ll document it for others.
2023-11-26 13:08:44
Are you looking for OEM rubber mounts, or something stiffer? The Pulsar GTi chassis was designed with this engine in mind (I believe) so you should be able to use factory mounts, and/or aftermarket solutions. I don't have links off the top of my head, but they shouldn't be too hard to find.
2023-11-26 18:33:10
Thanks for the help man! It originally came with an SR18 so i figured it wouldn’t be too hard but the stock ones were buggered. I’d love some OEM or OEM-esque ones, seems to be lots of poly mounts about but the little pulsar has a bit too much vibration at the low idle of the SR. I’ll have a look and try find some in my country. Again, thanks so much for the fast reply and the help!
2023-11-27 12:33:40
I do believe the SR18 is just an SR20 block with a shorter stroke, so really any engine mount for the SR18 or SR20 designed for the N15 chassis should work. Maybe the SR18 mounts are a little looser than SR20 mounts because of the slight difference in torque, so maybe aim for SR20 mounts, but they should be stupid-easy to find.
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