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Thread: What kind of SR20DE do I have?

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2019-07-04 05:46:51
What kind of SR20DE do I have?
Hey guys.

I have a Nissan Almera GTI race car, and a while ago my engine blew up while racing. I don't know how we got so lucky, but on the same day we found another SR20DE engine (unknown from what car) and changed it overnight. We're not sure what kind of SR20DE this is though and would like to find out.

It has a black top, and we can find the writing 53J UK 2F2 2R. Here are some photos: Imgur

Does any of you know how many hp this engine has, and what car it's from? ?
2019-07-04 10:53:36
These angles are legit, quite difficult to tell you which engine you may or may not have. Distributor, PCV routing, intake manifold would be larger giveaways. 2F2 is a head code I am un-familar with being in the UK and before the VE; I would say this is a normal hydraulic lash adjuster SR20DE lowport. Meaning the throttle body should be up top, not down below.

The valve cover does not look like a roller rocker and they came out a bit later, I think the Almera chassis ended in 2001 and they likely did not have a Roller Rocker valvetrain.
2019-07-05 23:10:26
Yah, without better pics it's tough to say. It's your garden variety SR20DE, unless somehow it is a high compression UK engine?
You're looking at 140 HP there, and it's probably from a Primera, or similar.
2019-10-19 17:22:33
Posting a pic of the engine would have helped
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