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Thread: Ga16de with 2.0 ecu/ injectors

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2010-03-14 22:35:33
I totaly agree on that,B15's don't all got SR power either so why cant we have a section?
2010-03-14 22:52:43
nobody said we couldnt talK about GA's i just said this is not a GA site which is the reason there is no GA section....... COME ON SON!!!!!!!!!!!!! i started with a GA and it got swapped to the SR... There is GA love here.. And the first b15's did come with Sr's which is why they have a section...

GA rice lol

for SR love
2010-03-15 06:43:32
Gotcha!! Now I'm gonna go look me up a nice crashed 03 Altima and do a 2.5 swap!!!!
2010-03-15 07:15:23
Originally Posted by LIUSPEED
yeah this isnt a GA site but still there is no good GA places anywhere that provides good info and there are people that have had GA for a while before going to SR20 so a section wouldnt hurt.


If you wanna talk GA go to Ga16forum.com
Leave the SR sections for SR speak thats why we have another forum just for the GA. All in the name of GA love and bureaucratic organization!
2010-03-15 15:53:54
GO!!! [url]www.ga16forum.com[/url]
2012-12-25 02:11:55
Ga166 runs perfect on sr20 maf/injectors/ecu.
2012-12-25 14:44:10
Originally Posted by ga16eats
Ga166 runs perfect on sr20 maf/injectors/ecu.

Wow almost 12,000 views for a topic that I was just asking a random question about ....that is amazing...wish my other threads got this much support.....lol.....maybe I should switch it up to GA..... Honestly I would love to see one of those hit 180-200 hp one day.....
2012-12-27 02:49:31
Yeah they can, just add nitrous or boost and you have your 180-200whp all day long
2023-08-07 21:09:40
Is the sr20de ecu plug and Play on the Ga16de loom. ?
2023-08-08 10:27:57
Originally Posted by Rick81
Is the sr20de ecu plug and Play on the Ga16de loom. ?
From memory, I highly doubt it.
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