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Thread: New 14point7 SLC Pure Plus 2 Wideband Controller

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2011-06-25 21:45:38
New 14point7 SLC Pure Plus 2 Wideband Controller
We are proud to announce....the new SLC Pure Plus 2 Wideband Controller System from 14point7!

14point7's brand new SLC Pure Plus 2 Wideband O2 controller system is the next generation of the SLC product line, providing a cutting-edge solution for reliably delivering accurate engine performance data. With its array of new features and improvements, it is simply the most complete and well manufactured Lambda kit on the market for the sports car enthusiast, racing fanatic, and experienced tuner.

SLC Pure Plus 2 is a complete Plug and Play Wideband Controller capable of 0.01 Lambda accuracy without the need for constant and complicated "free air calibration." It is also the only wideband system on the market utilizing programmable switch capacitor and programmable logic technology.
Such advanced technologies allow for high accuracy and fast response times in an efficient integrated design.

In addition, the Pure Plus 2 has evolved into something more than just a wideband controller. With optional input sensors, you can now obtain and datalog the following information:

  • Air/Fuel Ratio
  • O2 Sensor Temperature (available through PC datalogging)
  • Built-In RPM pickup
  • Boost/Vacuum (With optional sensor)
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (With optional sensor)
  • Intake Air Temperature (With optional sensor)
  • Fluid Temperature (With optional sensor)
  • Fuel Pressure (With optional sensor)
  • Oil Pressure (With optional sensor)
  • Battery Voltage
  • Built in Dual Axis Accelerometer for accel/decel and cornering G force.
  • Two Additional 0-5v analog inputs

With the brand new sensory input features of the SLC Pure Plus 2, even more features had to be developed and implemented to help you reap the benefits of the data your new controller can acquire!
From being able to see more incoming readings through the built in LED display, to memory upgrades for longer on-board datalogging times, these changes have made using a wideband controller easier than ever before.

Features include:
  • Built In Display - Cycles between AFR, Boost, EGT, Intake Temp, Fluid Temp, Oil & Fuel Pressure (with optional sensors)
  • Real Time Datalogging at 25 samples/second
  • Internal Memory Can Handle 2.9 Hours of Datalogging at 25 samples/second
  • Programmable Narrowband Output
  • Programmable Linear Output
  • USB Connectivity
  • Full Version License of Winlog software for datalogging
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty - Longest in the industry (as well as a dedicated technical support forum)

The 14point7 Pure Plus 2 Wideband Controller Kit includes:
  • SLC Pure Plus 2 Wideband Controller
  • 8ft Oxygen Sensor harness
  • 4ft Power Cable
  • 8ft Auxillary Cable
  • 2x Fuse Holders
  • 2x 250ma Fuses
  • 2x 5A Fuses
  • 3ft USB Cable
  • 1 Mild Steel O2 Bung
  • Software CD

The SLC Pure Plus 2 wideband system is available from our website at Welcome to the Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage! | Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage - Official Store for $219.95 with free shipping within the US.
O2 & additional sensors cost extra and can be added at the time of purchase.
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