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    Default Getting spark on cylinder 1 plug, but no measurement from timing light?

    Got a weird issue, buddy's se-r stumbles and has a lack of power. Went to check the timing and could not pick up a pulse on cylinder 1 plug wire. Cyls 2 3 and 4 we could all pick up. Tested it on my NX and it picked up all 4, so it's not the timing light. Swapped plug wire, didn't change a thing. Tested for spark on cyl 1, getting spark for sure, but may be weak. I have a feeling it could be distributor, does this sound like the issue? It couldn't possibly be the ignition module due to the others getting good spark, correct? Should I be testing a signal wire elsewhere?

    Thanks in advance
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    Could be a bad distributor cap, rotor , plug wire. Just somthing your going to have to check one at a time.
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