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  1. Variable intermittent wipers
  2. HELP HID RETROFIT for b14 kit
  3. B13 SER Manual to Power Window Regulators
  4. How to install tsuru iii headlights/corners
  5. How to change interior door handles
  6. How To: Leather Steering Wheel Refinish
  7. How To: Disassemble B14 JDM power folding mirror (for repair)
  8. NX2k 1991 fog light mod
  9. Custom Installed Gauges
  10. Taurus Coin/Cup Holder Install
  11. How To: Reseal your taillights (stop leaks)
  12. How to: Install Mach 1 Lip On Just About Any Car
  13. How To: P11 JDM Center Console
  14. Battery Voltage "OEM look" for B14
  15. How to Make a Mount for Cell Phone
  16. How to install TDMimports fender washers inserts (and some pertinent information)
  17. G20 Rear Bumper onto a 200sx/Sentra?
  18. How to recover your S13 glove box
  19. How to redo your headliner
  20. Installing JDM b14 bezel
  21. Making your fogs illuminate more on your B14
  22. How to: Reset Odometer / Remove speedo-needle
  23. G20t seats using B14 rails
  24. Installing R32 Steering Wheel
  25. How To : NX1600 Digital Cluster Into A B13 Se-R
  26. WTB Nx2000 Fog Lights
  27. How To: Remanufacture A Sun Visor
  28. The correct way to install 6.5" Front Speakers in a B13 Sentra
  29. Install a 1995-99 A32 Maxima throttle cable in a B13 with a Lowport, or Highport.
  30. how to install l.e.d. cluster lights (from liuspeed)
  31. S13 Headlight/Highbeam switch Issue. THE ANSWER.
  32. Fog Light Rewire for 1993-1994 SE-R.
  33. How To: B13 93-94 Sentra Linear Grill
  34. How to remove window tint
  35. How To: Install Aftermarket Steering Wheel and Hub
  36. How To: Remove Oxidation on Headlights
  37. HOW TO: Detail your car!
  38. Liuspeed's HID Projector Install pic heavy B14 200sx stock housings
  39. HOW TO: Budget aftermarket steering wheel install!
  40. how to install transparent film
  41. Liuspeeds HID Projector Retrofit Kit
  42. Quick note on LED turn signals
  43. How To: B13: Installing New Gauge Cluster Bulbs
  44. How To Make a Leather Shift Boot
  45. HOW TO: Ghetto-rific front lip install (from Home Depot/Lowes)
  46. HOW TO: Restoring your plastic lights (head/tail/fogs)
  47. HOW TO: B13 GTiR Front End Conversion
  48. How To: '93 NX Fog Light Switch Mod
  49. HOW TO: Keep low-beams on with high-beams (2-bulb style headlights)
  50. How to: b14 fogs in your b13
  51. Hid Newbie Crash Course !
  52. How to: Custom Gauge Pod
  53. HOW TO: Paint and rust proof calipers and rotors. <PICS>
  54. How To: Recover Door Panels
  55. How To: VW Golf Projector Headlights
  56. How To: JDM Power Folding Mirror Install & Wiring
  57. HOW TO: B14: Installation of JDM Headlights and Corners
  58. How To: B14: Installing New Cluster Gauge Lights
  59. How To: B14: Installing AC Control LED's
  60. HOW TO: B14: Fog Light Mod
  61. How To: B14: Side Markers
  62. HOW TO: JDM Style or Stealth Corners & Headlamps + More
  63. How to: Paint Valve Cover & Header (Optional)
  64. HOW TO: Paint your car
  65. HOW TO: Never leave your headlights on again