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  1. SR20VET Turbine 5 Bolt Flange Mod
  2. Sr20det i want to run a ve head
  3. Wiseco Boost Line rods
  4. Excessive blow by, 1.5 quarts missing after ~10 pulls
  5. Blow through setup damages standard afm myth or fact?
  6. JWT ECU Not happy with Blow Thru ( IDLE / CODE 34 )
  7. Twinscroll + Dual Plenum intake manifold + vertical flow sr20det ***photos***
  8. GTi-R X-Trail SR20VET Setup and Advice
  9. More Boost, but Feels Weaker
  10. 02 housing gti-r and blubird
  11. EWG and J-Pipe Question...
  12. BC stage 3 camshafts rwd on fwd
  13. JWT C1 or JWT S4HL
  14. Pulsar T-28
  15. Groove on Garrett backplate compressor housing?! Any ideas?
  16. T2 Manifold with EWG Options...
  17. Fuel Rail Options
  18. Can I have a/c with Bluebird or GTi-R engine?
  19. Intake manifold options
  20. Why is no one using Holsets on their VVL/VET motors?
  21. T28 full downpipe 5bolt back (anyone make one to delete that shit jpipe out?
  22. Guess my horsepower.....
  23. T28 vs t571z
  24. 20V catastrophic failure
  25. Intake air temps before and after intercooler.
  26. A t28 mystery
  27. Wrapping the downpipe
  28. boost issues?
  29. Idle Surge / Hunting Idle - 200sx SER with Avenir swap
  30. Cross-member engine mounts question
  31. PTE 6262 JB Oil Feed ??
  32. Twistex Motion GT2871R Turbo...Opinions??
  33. Anyone mixing sr20/16ve cams for turbo
  34. Sparkplugs for sr20det (IK20 or IK22) ?
  35. FWD SR20 turbo manifold.
  36. High performance spark cable suggestion ?
  37. clutch suggestions and thoughts for a daily driven bone stock det
  38. VET OEM piston
  39. Turbo Flutter, good or bad ?
  40. Large Crack on Compressor, OK to Use?
  41. No Boost, No Spool
  42. Need help with Garret turbo Authenticity and thoughts on overall condition
  43. Air to Water Intercooler Temps
  44. Xs-power turbo manifold
  45. Radiators: Mishimoto vs Koyo Review Questions & Questions?
  46. MPi VVL Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit+ injector combos! FREE MPi adjustable cam gears!
  47. SR20DET S13 intake runners on W11????
  48. OST-037: Under Pressure
  49. Boost/Vac Leak TB shaft issues
  50. Need advice on vacuum leak, where to look?
  51. Sr20vet headgasket fit s13 sr20det?
  52. Gt3076r or gt3576r ?
  53. Boost and oil consumption - How many miles per quart do you get?
  54. Car doesn't accelerate/dies when starting up
  55. Boost issue
  56. p11 with GTi-R IVAC
  57. GT2560r, anyone ?
  58. Gtx29
  59. Sr20ve+t25 spark plugs
  60. Gasclutchshift
  61. Is the headgasket gone?
  62. Is this turbo still good to use? 11sec video
  63. T25 j pipe bung sizes
  64. port matching avenir manifold to VE
  65. External wastgate question
  66. Is this excessive shaft play?
  67. looking for turbo stuff. east canada
  68. 557 bhp vvl gtir
  69. GT3582R spoolup; does it look right?
  70. What should I replace my avenir manifold and t25 turbo with?
  71. My Set up
  72. blown turbo?
  73. 95' G20t det swap info?
  74. Injector question
  75. setting up my ebc/boost gauge
  76. NX with sr20de-t t28 setting it up?
  77. need help with Msd
  78. Idle air supply boost or not?
  79. my new look for my awd b13
  80. Please help me save my car in dire distress i am going to lose it cincinnati area?
  81. My pulsar gtir sr20ve-t build
  82. Need Insight
  83. How much boost with stock sleeve with 88mm bore will hold!!
  84. Anyone near Eugene Or. with a B14 I can measure?
  85. OEM or aftermarket muffler options
  86. How should I block this of?
  87. Boost activated cutouts
  88. Turbo upgrade questions
  89. avenier gtir maf
  90. Turbo Options
  91. What Upgraded Camshaft to used on SR20det FWD
  92. Twisted Motion GT2871R Reviews
  93. New Garrett GTX2971R and GTX2871R models
  94. B15 Swap SR20DET - Camshaft upgrade
  95. help: smoking turbo
  96. highport intake mani for boost.....whats our options?!?
  97. Would you run these S4's in your car?
  98. help installing a Nismo FPR
  99. Which ECU??
  100. RE4F03B Automatic with shift kit and Turbo = Success!
  101. Vet Piston Rod Combo
  102. How far can I drive with my turbo like this...
  103. What are options for watercooling my turbo?
  104. DIY Intercooler Water Sprayer
  105. i wish i knew- headgasket, just do it right the first time
  106. BIG E85 injector suggestions - What do you run?
  107. Swain tech or Calico for piston coatings
  108. The Truth about the SR20VET Exhaust camshaft.
  109. Turbine housings
  110. External Fuel Pressure Regulator (recommendation??).
  111. T25 JB on low port sr20DE
  112. What's this sound?
  113. ebay find GTIR tubular manifold
  114. Weird problem after DW200 fuel pump install
  115. Drill drill t3 snap eff.
  116. Pressure in coolant system when cold
  117. W11 Avenir engine T25 Ball Bearing Turbo in a 1995 G20 Questions
  118. Why am I all the sudden running lean?
  119. X-Trail GT turbo question
  120. High Idle, Weaker Power after Boosting
  121. Bore and boost
  122. I hit the dyno
  123. Upgrade to GTX2867R?
  124. Turbo compatibility, please help... I searched.
  125. I really need help here guys. with a sr20 de-t please
  126. Educate me on BOV flanges
  127. GTIR B13 Swap HELP
  128. Full Billet Upper Intake Plenum VE Feeler.....
  129. Torque steer - which way does your car go?
  130. Is this charge pipe supposed to look like this?
  131. Mishimoto Vs Ebay JDM Sport Intercooler Visual Comparison
  132. Gt28rs turbo?
  133. Alternator issues gtir motor in 200sx
  134. Going map from maf.
  135. SR20VE SR20VET engine specs needed
  136. OBD2 fwd VVl+t problems !
  137. Test drove a 95 240SX DE-T and
  138. Borg Warner Turbos
  139. Please confirm what this is... (PIC INSIDE)
  140. SR20VE turbo engine build
  141. Popping and backfiring after IACV/AAC VALVE replacement
  142. Water temp question
  143. N62 MAF dying / died? Any help appreciated.
  144. Questions reguarding my turbo setup and AF mixture
  145. Harbor Freight 98478 $17.99 Nitrous boost / vac gauge test
  146. i need help with my new setu
  147. New setup : ve piston trackforge manifold. Less fuel ???
  148. misfire and erratic idle
  149. water leak on a DET...vid inside
  150. acuator confusion
  151. Car won't turn over please help
  152. Need Help Identifying Turbo
  153. black intercooler
  154. Downpipes
  155. HX35 Turbo??
  156. Built VE bottom end question
  157. Oil return line for turbo
  158. Boost issue help?
  159. T28 internal gated to external gated questions
  160. twin scroll side winder manifold
  161. Stage 2 Going from DE+t to DET
  162. How to connect water lines?
  163. mild turbo setup help
  164. Reuse Cosworth head gasket
  165. i need help with my setup
  166. Where does this hose go?
  167. secondary o2 cel temporary fix?
  168. Piston to Valve clearance SR20VET
  169. HUGE PROBLEM Relay by AEM EMS Clicking Fuel Relay Randomly Clicking Car not starting
  170. HELP NEED with my sr20det
  171. Back in the Turbo club!!!!
  172. Boost gauges
  173. After sitting 5 years, its alive again.
  174. Looking for injector Harness adapter. Installing 80lb Delphis
  175. Journal Bearing Daily Driving
  176. Inspecting Turbo
  177. Has anyone ever used this part before?
  178. Low compression and good leakdown... what does it mean?
  179. oil feed line leaking, avenir t25
  180. enlighten me on this oil drain conundrum
  181. Help!!! SR20VE-T
  182. ITB vs Single 70mm throttle on custom plenum for sr20ve+t
  183. Tuning on E85 for max torque
  184. Oil leak at oil return
  185. Pics of ground down turbo housing. Any good?
  186. Quick Injector Questions
  187. Where Am I Going From Here?!?!?
  188. Turbo and Manifold heat wrap/coating
  189. First time turbo.
  190. vvl + aeromotive fpr on stock rail
  191. Where do y'all source 12v for your wideband???
  192. Air-to-water intercooling
  193. Boost controllers
  194. Damage of GTiR turbo - repair opinions?
  195. DE+T Aeromotive fpr and oil line ?'s
  196. Using Tomei RWD Head gasket for my W10 Avenir engine
  197. Injector Dynamic ID1000 install with factory seats?
  198. Starting my SR20VE+T Build. Need some knowledge!
  199. Supertech Springs/Retainers
  200. need some help
  201. 3" turbo back vs 3" hood exit hp gains
  202. New Tune Results not Bad....
  203. Headgasket/Studs
  204. hood exit gains
  205. w10 T25 Turbo elbow bolts
  206. where do you get your turbo rebuild kits?
  207. Best 1000cc injectors for the price new?
  208. PRL Motorsports Turbo manifold DE/VE
  209. SR in limp mode
  210. Gtir Vs w11
  211. SR20VE+T low on power, please help!
  212. 250whp turbo set up?
  213. N1 or stock VE cams for my 3071r setup
  214. Low power VET build?
  215. kentcams np2002 for turbo
  216. Standard SR20VET Issues. Please help!
  217. liners 17mm on the motor SR20
  218. Open Downpipe, Carbon Monoxide??
  219. Has anyone used the company PURE TURBO to get there garret turbo's rebuilt?
  220. B13 se-r gauges install in dash vents
  221. fuel cut? on 3rd gear 7krpm
  222. Anyone running a T518z t517z or Td05h-18g Turbo on there VET setup?
  223. OEM SR20VET exhaust mani
  224. grinding engine block
  225. Best ignition sistem for stock sr20ve+t and safe boost for the pistons and rods?
  226. My nx2k dyno. Let me get some input from you guys.
  227. Clutch, idle, AFRs, cold motor- stall
  228. +1000cc injectors for sr20vet?
  229. compression ratio
  230. VET head gasket on GTiR DET?
  231. 3.5 and 4 inch exhaust... whos gottem
  232. a little advice please
  233. Sneak peek of my Sr20vet build
  234. SR20 T3 top mount manifold from TRACKFORGED
  235. Antilag launch control
  236. Vacuume miss s14
  237. Sr20det e85 + boost
  238. Moisture in IC piping Y?
  239. 2 questions about my new to me turbo
  240. High HP transmission mods
  241. anyone running kelford sr20det cams?
  242. Proper Assembly of the motor block SR20VET
  243. My own Z32 air flow meter adapter.
  244. Valve springs for GTI-R head
  245. exhaust silencer
  246. My B13 project... but I have questions
  247. Quick question
  248. ga16eats turbo build.
  249. Ve +t with a t28?
  250. Pic Comparison: .86 vs .64 Turbine Housings