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  1. Ad22 pads these days
  2. headgasket recomendation
  3. Interest in "dome decal emblems"(3D/gel look)
  4. Need a NX part number (front spoiler)
  5. timing question (tdc)
  6. Advice on measuring valve stem diameter
  7. Front hub where to buy?
  8. transmission identification?
  9. Legitimate source for good SR20VET engines?
  10. Bb det intake valve seal size
  11. WOW! Found this in storage. For the true old schoolers
  12. Grassroots!
  13. Toyo R888R
  14. B13 whiteline rear bar install problem
  15. People with KSport setups?
  16. Need help with clutch install: shifter is wrong position ?
  17. Permanently blocking large vacuum port?
  18. Need a new IACV OEM vs Aftermarket
  19. ShawnB please contact me.
  20. B13/b14 Camber plates
  21. Do our 2.0L plugs wires fit any honda's? D/F/H/B Series?
  22. Anyone know how to fix a Calum basic ecu
  23. Ran into trouble while replacing my valve cover gasket.
  24. COP for standard fwd ECU!
  25. Never ran into this issue...warm die
  26. :pic: where does this hose go?
  27. Highport to Lowport question for you all ::Car likes to die edition::
  28. 1.6 to 2.0
  29. 'DECEPTIVE SITE AHEAD' message
  30. Dry start only in the morning or cold weather?
  31. Intake options?
  32. Can someone identify these hoses *pic*
  33. P11 G20 and B15 SE header the same?
  34. Storm88000 problems
  35. Manual e rack
  36. Has any body noticed this about the SE-R
  37. My $6 spoiler support project
  38. What threaded tip style spark plugs to use?
  39. Sr20de RR (p11/n15)
  40. throttle linkage name/part number?
  41. Alignment specs
  42. Potentially stupid question: EGR solenoid and/or water temp sensor
  43. B14 bluebird teardown
  44. 99 g20 transmission in B13, which driver side axle to use?
  45. Cheapest places to find alternative widebands
  46. OK I'm Stumped
  47. Crashtest; 2015 B13 vs 2016 E12
  48. What is this part go to
  49. Anyone want to Assist a newbie?
  50. Nx exhaust
  51. Chamfer oil holes in crankshaft?
  52. Stupid gray resistor box on b14 engine harness
  53. Car got hit
  54. What are the odds?
  55. Swap SR20 in Micra k11
  56. My SR20/KA24 Engine Run Stand
  57. Oil pressure switch, higher PSI?
  58. Time for all new hoses - Master Kit?
  59. Back Again (Time to take the tarp off)
  60. The CARNAGE....3rd gear
  61. Calling all engine experts - Smog from hell
  62. Nissan Specialists in Illinois
  63. Windshield and rear glass weatherstrip/moulding alternatives
  64. Jerky on/off throttle transision and idle dip
  65. Unstable combustion troubleshooting
  66. Versa rims
  67. Pan american nationals 2016 atco dragway
  68. What seat brackets yo use? (Evo XIII Recaros)
  69. Advice on Hard Cold Start
  70. Safe to remove evap?
  71. Oil cooler necessary?
  72. Fuel Pump Time! What to get?
  73. Car stalls when giving gas from a complete stop.
  74. Exhaust manufacturing...
  75. What on earth is this empty electrical plug on my TB?
  76. Here is a cool article z32 with SR
  77. Carbon fiber trunk? Roll call who has 1? Post pics
  78. Where do you buy your drivers side axle seal??
  79. Just got a car, fuel pressure regulator unhooked, very confused
  80. Does the oil pan have to be removed to do the rear mail seal?
  81. anyone ever deal with a code 11 (crank angle sensor) b13
  82. B14 ECU differences?
  83. Bluebird det swap running lean/idle issue
  84. What sensor is this?
  85. Which mark is TDC on this crank pulley? (2001 fwd SR20DE)
  86. Daily driver t28
  87. Dark brown sludge in old fuel filter
  88. Fuel system discussion
  89. Exhaust ground
  90. Can't set timing past 10deg. Huh?
  91. Help designing gps speedo
  92. Harvest rainwater for waterinjection?
  93. Road and Track homage
  94. installing cam question
  95. Re-installing A/C in a B14 SE-R. Pics & a couple install notes/tips
  96. Anyone run into this issue? (ES shifter bushing install) ?!?!
  97. Injectors not flowing? Verify without pulling fuel rail?
  98. Track day with my verystockish b13
  99. Color Codes
  100. Part numbers for OEM SE-R b13 Right and Left axles? Anybody have this
  101. Speedo sensor swap issue
  102. S14 zenki idling problems
  103. No start issue
  104. Another question, what is this connector? (B14) pics
  105. Whare are the symptoms of a bad transmission mount? (AND LESSON LEARNED INSIDE)
  106. Craigslist find near Memphis, TN
  107. Why does my car run like $hit when damp/humid or raining outside?
  108. Clutch return spring
  109. Sr20de no oil pressure.
  110. Deleting charcoal canister properly
  111. fuel pressure regulator effects on cold start
  112. Help me diagnose these transmission noises
  113. SR20DE B13 Rough Idle/dies
  114. Is this flywheel f***ed?
  115. Lowest air pressure/highest air velocity part of the hood?
  116. Coolant Leak From Under Intake Mani.
  117. Battery kill switch removal help....?
  118. SR20DET FWD AND RWD crankshaft flywheel interface
  119. Road & Track freelancer working on a B13 SE-R story
  120. Anybody own one of these gauge pods?
  121. B13 Sr20de No Start. Spark, fuel injectors don't fire.
  122. U12 sr20det swap question
  123. Ever feel that some days your car feels really fast and some days..
  124. Driver headlight issue
  125. need advice
  126. PCV Valve, right angle?
  127. S14 VTC Rattle
  128. Loss of an Unofficial Dash Member, My Pops
  129. EPA trying to ban parts for "offroad use", sign this petition to stop them
  130. B13 front bumper
  131. Power steering rack differences
  132. Knock sensor code (34) on a sr20ve
  133. VE to GTI-R DET
  134. Installed my 3" SS BRM Catback (P10 SR230VE): Video with Fitment and Sound
  135. Koyo Review. Newer V-series vs older R-Series (racer/street input please)
  136. Car Never Seems to Reach Operating Tempurature
  137. Running Rich Issues Code 45
  138. DET oil pump on a DE... will it fit?
  139. I need a little help finding out names of Japanese Kit Car that use the SR20VE
  140. Bang For Your Buck Platform
  141. Aftermarket body panels
  142. Heat cycle head-studs with block heater? Even possible?
  143. oil filter block, filter relocation kit?
  144. Syn.Oil Pennzoil "ULTRA platinum" 10w-30 5qt reviews.
  145. Calling Engine Harness Gurus - Need Advice! 91 & 94 B13
  146. Running on 3, smoke, dumping gas everywhere
  147. Bulb / lamp part numbers B13 NX
  148. electrical issue i cant figure out! PLEASE HELP
  149. '94 B13 Cranks but won't Start!
  150. GI: PRL Motorsports VVL Billet Intake Manifold FWD Version
  151. PFB Grounding Kit Black Friday SALE!!! STARTS NOW!!
  152. Hard start issue
  153. EGR and Canister Control Solenoid Valve
  154. Should be a simple B13 R&R for the 'how to' forum.
  155. fuel injectors not spraying
  156. P11 Power Loss Issues - Need Help/Suggestions
  157. Alternator driven by water pump belt, front mounted?
  158. no spark
  159. Alternator UNDER CHARGING issues?!??!?!
  160. No start after EGR removal
  161. Broken exhaust stud
  162. driver side window won't roll up.
  163. How to drive a manual transmission smoothly (Sr20de version)...
  164. E3 Spark Plugs, Anyone using them?
  165. high port to low port b14
  166. Bucking under cruise conditions, misfire?
  167. Ssac header
  168. My noob question about a intake for a p10
  169. High port and Low port Fuel Pressure Regulators
  170. Anyone live in or near Ottawa, Ontario Canada that can help me out?
  171. Need your help
  172. Crank scraper on Roller Rocker?
  173. Noob AC, cv boots, oil pan parts questions.
  174. Valve seal question
  175. Power steering rack rebuild
  176. 92 nx2000 idle, bogging and over heating issue
  177. Oil pressure filter?
  178. Still having tps problems
  179. SR20DET powered Race Car - Advice Please
  180. Missing trans mount nut and bolt
  181. What to do with my 400k SE-R?
  182. How much CFM for A/C?
  183. Weird stalling problem in G20
  184. Sr20 bluebird over heating problem.
  185. Broken Axle?
  186. B13 ve ecu
  187. synthetic oil consumption?
  188. Importparts.co.za experience?
  189. Keep blowing lower injector oring
  190. Looking for decent 14" tires to go on NX wheels?
  191. gauge and window switch power from stereo amp ign wire
  192. Anyone tried or using this Fuel pressure regulator
  193. Ur crank pulley not sure what i have
  194. Japan-A-Land!
  195. Which belt do you need because you eliminated or pulley swapped?
  196. Mystery piece on floor under engine
  197. Head Disassembly
  198. GTi-R - no power after 4000rpm
  199. Need some advice. Motor hard to turn over after new identical bearings.
  200. Click bad idle
  201. Infiniti G20 P11/ B15 Ingnition Parts - Help Identify Please
  202. cooling system woes?
  203. B14 sr20ve heater core hose issue
  204. oil pressure sending unit threads...adapter?
  205. SR20VE header
  206. Temporary fixes for low oil pressure?
  207. sr20de injectors failing?
  208. Cars shutting off at bumps while driving
  209. NISMO/ Nissan OEM parts
  210. Should I ......
  211. SR20DE sound
  212. Opinions on SR20
  213. topfeed vs. sidefeed injectors
  214. Radiator & fans conundrum
  215. Uneven deck clearance
  216. Just want to clarify some things sr20ve swap b14 se-r
  217. 1998 avenir GT4-Z workshop manual?
  218. SR20DE with bolt-ons or SR20VE?
  219. Top feed VVL and want a fuel pulse damper?
  220. SR20 = Still awesome
  221. Power loss at WOT in the mid range upwards
  222. Weird throttle issue
  223. Code 21
  224. Getting more power out of my SR
  225. This is going to be my dumb noob questions thread
  226. help with 2 fog gts front bumper
  227. Location of PNP switch on 1992 sr20de transmission?
  228. Backfire and stalling under acceleration?
  229. Questions regarding a swap- please help
  230. Anyone in Central NJ to help troubleshoot an SR20DET?
  231. oem sr20vet mls head gasket
  232. 94 G20t Transmisdion repairs
  233. Whining noise by RPM -- eletrical issues?
  234. N15 vs B14 Mirrors
  235. A/C Experts? Compressor replacement...
  236. GTiR Heart for my Almera GTi N15. Project starts! Need help!
  237. Wiring for AAC valve
  238. Someone school me on the crank position sensor & lightweight flywheels
  239. Crank pulley marks lie to me!
  240. Help! SR20VE doesnt start
  241. Radiator hoses
  242. Engine Building From Scratch (basically)
  243. I need help from a b15 owner.
  244. Oil pump, crank pulley...what are these?
  245. coolant line questions
  246. Anyone near Chicago IL.
  247. Found this on eBay!
  248. Outer tie-rod ends
  249. Spare sr20de :-)
  250. Injector clips not staying clipped in, any ideas?