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Thread: SR20VE valve (in & ex) part #'s

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2011-09-14 18:40:00
SR20VE valve (in & ex) part #'s
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2011-09-14 18:52:41

I am in need of the N1 TB part #.
2011-09-14 19:28:16
VE Parts Numbers

Valve seat numbers are not N1 specific. They are used on both 16/20VE. Outer seat is used on VET also.
Oil pump number is invalid.
13500-1N501 is the correct part for SR16/20VE (N1 including)
A2010-1N560 is B15/N15 SR16VE standard Piston

There are lots of part numbers for SR16VE STD pistons.
A2010-1N500 replaced by A2010-1N560
A2010-1N501 replaced by A2010-1N561
A2010-1N502 replaced by A2010-1N562

A2010-1N562 is also the latest orderable code for models after 2000/09
All are compatible between them.

SR16VE.N1 pistons
STD stock code: A2010-1N511 latest orderable code: A2010-1N521
Oversized 0.20 stock code: A2010-1N576 latest orderable code: A2010-1N577

12033-2J210 is the latest orderable code for STD piston rings. They are used on STD pistons of JDM SR18/20DE, SR16/20VE,SR16VE.N1

12035-2J210 oversized piston rings for SR16/20VE,SR16VE.N1,SR20DE,SR18DE

On P11,WP11,Y11,U14 SR20VE there are replacement piston numbers used on newer models. Starting from September 2000. Pistons can be used on older engines according to grade information but piston rings are specific to model year October 2000-October 2001. The code is 12033-4M810 for STD and 12035-4M810 for oversize.

Grade1 A2010-8H600
Grade2 A2010-8H601
Grade3 A2010-8H602
Oversized 0.20 A2010-8H671

Piston Clips 12032-F6500 (8 are required) VET pistons comes with pins but clips are not included. They are a "universal" item used on most engines like DE,DET,VET,VQ.

T30 SR20VET/ P12 SR20VE 20V Piston Rings
12033-8H601 STD
12035-8H601 OVERSIZE

11044-1N500 CYLINDER GASKET for SR16/20VE,SR16VE.N1

23785-2J200 GASKET, AAC VALVE for SR16/20VE,SR16VE.N1,SR20DE,SR18DE

30621-0W025 CLUTCH PISTON KIT for most hydraulic transmissions including VZ-R N1, P12,P11,U14,B15,S14,S15,R33,R34

32006-51J60 NEUTRAL SWITCH ASSY for Manual Transmission N15,U14,B14,P11

32702-0M415 SPEED METER SLEEVE for B14/N15 SR18DE-SR16VE transmissions

13024-53J01 Cam Gear SR20VE P11/Y11/U14 (also used on SR18/20DE and DET S13)
13024-8H600 Cam Gear P12/T30 SR20VE/VET
13024-1N501 Cam Gear SR16VE (B14,B15,N15 & N1)

13021-53J00 Crank ring Gear SR16/20VE/DE/DET
13021-8H600 Crank ring Gear P12/T30 SR20VE/VET

13070-1N514 CHAIN TENSIONER for SR16VE.N1
13091-2J202 tensioner side chain guide for SR16/20VE,SR20VET,SR18/20DE, S13-S15:SR20DET
13094-53J01 above guide bolt

13085-1N500 slack side chain guide for SR16/20VE,SR18/20DE, S13-S15:SR20DET
13085-8H600 straight guide P12/T30 SR20VE/VET
13075-40F10 above guide bolt (you need two of them)
13028-1N500 TIMING CHAIN for SR16/20VE,SR16VE.N1 only
13028-8H600 Timing Chain P12/T30 SR20VE/VET

21010-1N526 Water Pump SR16VE(N1 including)

21010-53J05 Water Pump latest part no for SR20VE(P12 including), SR20VET, SR18/20DE, FWD SR20DET
21010-54CY0 N14 - SR20DET

21200-60J00 OEM SR16VE (N1 including) 82C degree also used on N30,U14,P11 SR20VE (9709-9809)

21200-0C811 OEM SR20VE (9809+) 76.5C degree also used on the rest SR family including VET and P12.

B14 SR16VE
Stock ECU : 23710-2N500
Latest part no: 2371M-2N500 & 2371M-2N501

B15 SR16VE
Stock ECU: 23710-6M000
Latest part no: 2371M-6M000

N15 SR16VE
Stock Ecu: 23710-2N500 for models build on 1997/09-1999/10
Stock Ecu: 23710-2N501 for models build after 1999/10
Both are interchangeable with latest part no 2371M-2N500 & 2371M-2N501

N15 SR16VE.N1
Stock Ecu: 23710-2N510 for models build on 1997/09-1998/12
Stock Ecu: 23710-2N560 for models build after 1998/12
Both are interchangeable with latest part no 2371M-2N510 & 2371M-2N560

SR20VE ecu
P11,U14 SR20VE ECU
23710-5J010 replaced by 2371M-5J010, 2371M-5J011, 2371M-5J012, 2371M-5J013, 2371M-5J014 (September 1997- September 1998)
23710-AK710, 23710-AK711, 23710-AK712, 23710-AK713, 23710-AK714 they were all replaced by 2371M-AK710, 2371M-AK711, 2371M-AK712, 2371M-AK713, 2371M-AK714 (latest part no is the one that can be ordered).

23710-5J000 (September 1997 – September 1998)
Replaced by 2371M-5J000, 2371M-5J001, 2371M-5J002, 2371M-5J003, 2371M-5J004
23710-7J000, 23710-7J001, 23710-7J002, 23710-7J003, 23710-7J004 all replaced by 2371M-7J000, 2371M-7J001, 2371M-7J002, 2371M-7J003, 2371M-7J004

Y11 SR20VE ECU (May 1999 – October 2001)
23710-WD400, 23710-WD401, 23710-WD402, 23710-WD403 all replaced by
2371M-WD400, 2371M-WD401, 2371M-WD402, 2371M-WD403

TPS Sensors
22620-31U0A (replaced part: 22620-31U01) SR16VE (N1 inclunding) can be found also on S14,S15,P11,U14,B14,B15,A32,R34 (SR18/20DE-DET,VQ20DE,RB25DET)

22620-2J200 SR20VE (can be found from a P11/U14 SR20DE.AT.CVT)


AY140-61030 6PK1030 Crank-Alternator-AC (U14,P10,P11,N30:SR18/20DE)
AY140-40855 4PK855 Crank-Water Pump-Power Steering

AY140-61020 6PK1020 Crank-Alternator-AC (N1 including)
AY140-40855 4PK855 Crank-Water Pump-Power Steering (N1 including)

AY140-40825 (*6PK825) Crank-Alternator-NO AC (*SR16VE.N1,P10-SR18/20DE,N30-SR20DE)

AY140-40845 4PK845 Crank-Water Pump-Power Steering (N15,P10,P11,S13)

AY140-40810 4PK810 Crank-Water Pump-NO PS


12303-1N500 Crank Pulley SR16/20VE (B14-15,N15,Y11,P11,WP11)
12303-1N510 SR16VE.N1 Specific
12303-8H600 SR20VE 20V (P12) SR20VET (T30)
12303-2J200 (N30,U14,N15,P11,WP11:SR18/20DE)
12303-62J20 (M12,N30,W11,B14,M11,N15,P10,P10E,U13,W10,U13,U12:SR18/20DE-DET)
12303-54C00 N14-SR20DET

21051-1N500 Water Pump Pulley SR16/20VE (P12 & N1 with PWST)
21051-1N510 Water Pump Specific for SR16VE.N1
21051-93J00 JET FILTERS (SR18/20DE-DET-VET,M12,N30,T30,U14,W11,B14,N15,P10E,P11,P11E)
21051-53J01 (SR18/20DE-DET-VET,M12,N30,T30,U14,W11,B14,N15,,P11,WP11)
21051-54C01 N14-SR20DET

Rocker ARMS

SR16VE 13257M (including N1)
stock:13257-1N510 replaced with 13257-1N515,13257-1N516 latest 13257-1N517 QTY:8
Models after December 2000 use 13257-8H600 (not N1 probably because it wasn't produced then)

P11 SR20VE 13257M
stock:13257-1N516 replaced with 13257-1N517 QTY:8
Models after February 2001 use 13257-8H600 QTY:8

P12 SR20VE 20V 13257M
13257-8H600 QTY:8

T30 SR20VET Intake 13257M
13257-8H600 QTY:4

T30 SR20VET Exhaust 13257MA
13257-8H610 QTY:4

SR16/20VE Intake 13201-1N500
S16/20VE Exhaust 13202-1N500

N1 Intake 13201-1N520
N1 Exhaust 13202-1N520

P12/T30 20V/VET Intake 13201-8H600
P12/T30 20V/VET Exhaust 13202-8H600

Oil Pan
SR20VE: 11110-2J210
SR16VE: 11110-1N510

Oil Pump
SR20/16VE N1 included: 13500-1N501
JB15/JN15 SR16VE latest cars: 13500-6M00A
13500-2J200 P11,U14,N30,N15 SR18/20DE
13500-53J00 P10,U12,U13,B13,B14,N14 SR18/20DE
13500-54C00 N14 SR20DET only
13500-69F00 S14,S15 SR20DET
13500-AW000 P12,T30 SR20VE/VET

CAS/Camshaft Position Sensor

P12 SR20VE (20V) and T30 SR20VET: 23731-8H600

p.s: Latest part no is the one you can currently order
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2011-09-14 19:30:13
B15NEOVVL- You are the man!
2011-09-14 19:33:57
Valve cover part # also
2011-09-14 19:42:31
Originally Posted by SR20GTi-R
B15NEOVVL- You are the man!

Thanks. LOL. I wish I could remember where I got my list from in order to give credit where credit is due....
2011-09-14 19:44:30
Rocker/Valve Cover & PCV Breather System
Originally Posted by Re-spect
Valve cover part # also

Rocker Cover (Valve Cover)

SR20VE Valve Cover: 13264-5J200
SR16VE Valve Cover: 13264-1N500
SR16VE N1 Valve Cover: 13264-1N510
P12 SR20VE (20V) Valve Cover: 13264-AW010
T30 SR20VET Valve Cover: 13264-8H600

Ornamental Rocker Cover (Valve Cover/COP Centre Section)

P12 SR20VE (20V): 13287-AW005
T30 SR20VET: 13287-8H610

Ornamental Rocker Cover/Coil Pack Cover - Bolts

P12 SR20VE & T30 SR20VET: 01131-00501 (single bolt)

The above part also fits: S13 Silvia (SR20det) / RPS13 180sx (SR20det) / S14 200sx (SR20det) / S15 200sx (SR20det)


Valve Cover:

SR16VE: 13270-2J201
SR20VE: Same as above
SR16VE N1: Same as above
P12 SR20VE (20V): Same as above
T30 SR20VET: Same as above

Spark Plug (Centre Gasket):

SR16VE//SR20VE//SR16VE N1: 13271-2J201
P12 SR20VE (20V)//T30 SR20VET: 13271-65F00

PCV System

Valve Cover to Intake Plenum

Insulator - PCV Valve (Grommet): 11812-41B00 (Common across many chassis' including A32, A33, B14, '00+ B15 & P11 SR20DE)
Valve Assy. - Control (PCV Valve): 11810-75T00 (Same as USDM P11/B15 Roller Rocker Engine)
Clamp - Hose A: 16439-42L00 (You need to order 2 clamps for this hose)
Hose - Blow By, A: 11826-1N500

Valve Cover to Crankcase

Clamp - Hose A: 16439-V5001 (You need to order 2 clamps for this hose)
Hose - Blow By, A: 11826-2J205 (Same as 2000-2001 B15 SR20DE)
Pipe Assy. - Blow By: 11835-2J200 (Spout that goes into block) (Same as USDM '00+ P11/B15 SR20DE)

Valve Cover to Intake Pipe

Clamp - Hose A: 16439-V5001 (You need to order 2 clamps for this hose) (Standrard Nissan Parts bin)
Hose - Blow By, A: 11823-1N500 (Includes the flame arrester)
Arrester - Flame: 15296-60U00 (Can be ordered separate to hose) (Same as USDM '00+ P11/B15 SR20DE)
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2011-09-14 19:50:50
Originally Posted by SE-Rican

I am in need of the N1 TB part #.

N1 Throttle Body Part# - 16119 1N510
N1 T.B. Gasket Part# - 16175 1N500
2011-09-14 19:56:38
Got a part # for a P12 bell housing?
2011-09-14 19:59:43
sticky dis bych
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