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Thread: The Most Powerful Engines Thread. (Dyno Thread for Powerful Cars and Tuners)

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2008-10-05 16:52:17
I quit.
2008-10-07 19:51:10
USDM 99 lowport sr20de+t
GTiR manifold, GT2560r, Precision front mount, 1g BOV, Greddy E-manage, Stillen pop-charger, Nismo FPR and nothing else. Running 259cc injectors and stock pump in this dyno. 6.5psi on 93 pump gas.

2008-10-08 02:27:42
Just in case you ad the ga motor

Almera 1998
GA16DNE motor.

92 oct
gti-r turbo gt28rs comp wheel
evo7 fmic
440cc inj
stock motor.
339whp at 5600rpm and 336lbs torque at 4960rpm.Dynojet numbers.

2008-10-09 05:15:33
SR20DE autech motor.
Factory internals:
Cams, 11.5:1 comp

Modded with:
SSAC 2.5 header.
2.5 Exhaust
Pod Filter.

EDIT: Roughly 130 wheel torque?
was done on our standrds of 98 RON

2008-10-12 01:09:16
sr20ve 199whp 144tq N-1 cams/3" exhaust, Calum ecu, Mustang dyno


I'm def. going to do some runs on a DynoDynamics.
2008-10-12 04:51:06
S13 Sr20de

Standard engine except for a Pod filter and 2 1/4" exhaust.
Link Lem G3 engine management
Tuned on 98RON fuel

142.7 Whp on a Dynapack Hub dyno so its really hub HP

2008-10-13 04:28:13
SR20DE, 162.4 WHP, ~143.x WTQ - 93 octane ((R+M)/2) - 9.5:1 CR, S4 cams, JWT ECU,
gen6 header 3" collector 3" exhaust, 154k miles, 2 pc. pullies, 8.x lb. flywheel, AEM CAI
Dyno chart: http://www.sr20forum.com/all-motor/158948-dyno-day-results.html
2008-10-15 02:42:00
Heres my dyno sheet at the bottom, my setup was;

Stock Sr20de (lowport)
Garrett T4 60-1
Protech log manifold
Tial 38mm wastegate
2.5" intercooler piping
Spearco intercooler
MSD 72lb top feed injectors
3" open downpipe
AEM Standalone
93 NY Pump Gas

Car made 367hp @ 17lbs on 93 NY pump gas on this sheet, this was the 3rd pull, with boost leaks everywhere; intake manifold, wastegate broke, a few couplers were leaking, and my bov was junk as well(don't buy a turbo xs rfl, they like to leak). I wasn't present when it was dyno'd after I purchased a new Tial wastegate and Tial bov, car made 420hp to the tire on NY 93 pump gas @ 17lbs, you have to take my word on that, I don't have the sheet, I sold my car and gave the buyer that dyno sheet, but whatever you want to believe, I know what my car made and so do a lot of people in my area know as well. Tuned by Turbo People, Turbo People of New York.

2008-10-17 12:59:06
Re-spect and Nismo1997 vouch for caughtbycop's 420 WHP claim:

Originally Posted by Re-spect
i was just PM"ing you to confirm about the power Caughtbycops put down at Top Level performance in Farmingdale NY. It was 420hp to the wheels.

Originally Posted by Nismo1997
Im good friends with Karl, his car make 420whp @17psi.

If anyone else can vouch for him, please PM me.
2008-10-17 22:01:46
Car is a 95 200SX

LowPort DE S4s, WAI/PopCharger, Pullies(Crank and WP) Header,(i think HotShot, But not sure) Full Greddy Exhaust, G20 ECU with 93 Oct Gas

1st run didnt have Air/Fuel 167.1whp

2nd run with Air/Fuel 166.6whp

i still have parts that needed to be added, SAFCII and Fidanza, and i will dyno again
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