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Thread: Wideband sensor placement

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2013-04-10 17:29:37
Wideband sensor placement
How crucial is the sensor placement of the sensor for NA(VE) application?
I have a ssac,so theres the one bung next to the factory one.
Theres one just after the flexpipe,but it is too close to the shift linkage to go there.
The only other one is behind the resonators(no cat) so its just before the first 90 bend in the exhaust.

I called AEM,and they say it would be ok up front for NA,but I was concerned about it only reading 2 cyl.(like the factory one on the other 2 cyls)
It seems like if they put one on the tailpipe on the dyno,it wouldnt matter how far back it is,right?

Help a brother out please..thanks in advance
2013-04-10 19:04:24
^Im wondering the same. I'm guessing wherever all four of them meet is where it should be. Just a guess.
2013-04-11 20:22:18
I treied to get that other bung out...at the end by the flex...rounded out the bolt and just welded the bung an inch or to away from it.....make sure to keep it at the angle aem says in the lil booklet...

I don't even think the rear bung on the ssac will work due to the shift linkage like you said...
2013-04-11 20:51:57
The accuracy doesn't suffer going back, but the response time does. You're already getting one or two revolution delay with the sensor 18" from the head. When you go behind the resonators you can be 20 revolutions behind and 0.25 - 0.5 seconds old data. For tuning, it's not so bad as long as you know about the delay and can compensate by mentally moving the Wideband data back some... But for O2 feedback (closed loop) you're pretty fucked.

You also need to realize the farther back you go, the longer the sensor will take to warm up and read correctly. Too far back and you might need one with a more aggressive internal heater.

If your options were my only options, I'd stick it in the SSAC header where it gets 2 cylinders of data and call it a day.
2013-04-12 00:15:43
thanks for the replies everyone.
I had a bung welded in just after the flex at 12 o'clock.
It points straight up just in front of the steering rack so the wire goes right up into the firewall nicely.
That was the compromise,since the one on the primary is only 8 inches away from the head and the sensor would be pointing 3-4 oclock,no thanks.
I actually called aem,and this was the recommendation given for my scenario.I was told that the sensor could burn out prematurely up front that close.
He also said the sensor was heated so there was little to no warm up time needed.
\The drawbacks are as Ben stated,reaction time(milliseconds) and if you had a leak prior to the sensor,it would read lean.

I am gonna have the car dynoed in a couple days,so I will see how close the readings are to the dyno AFR #s hopefully.
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