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Thread: Affordable TIG Welder, new promo from AHP Tools

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2013-10-22 13:06:26
Affordable TIG Welder, new promo from AHP Tools
Its a AC DC welder with excellent features. On AHP Tools website they sell for $800 shipped. It has more features than the Eastwood TIG 200.
I ordered one from Amazon.
AHP AlphaTIG 200DX 200-Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with Pulse 110V and 200V - Amazon.com

check the video on YT

For those aspiring welders/ fabricators, I believe this is the machine that will allow you to progress and not outgrow the machine.
2013-10-22 15:30:56
Have you got your machine yet or ever welded with one of these?
2013-10-22 15:31:59
Im thinking my next machine would be the htp 221.

I know you have used these, what do you think about them?

if price wasn't a factor what TIG would you buy?
2013-10-23 12:33:24
Doug I placed order for the AHP last Saturday, will be receiving machine on Monday. I sold my 221 and 131 to a friend who moved down to FL to open a fab shop.
The HTP 221 is a great machine. Ive had my hiccups with the 221 with one inverter failure, display went dead, consider it a fluke. Ive used other 221s with no issues. My 131 has been flawless.

TIG machine w/price is not an issue ? watercooled miller 250dx or lincoln precision 225.
I'm sure a high end machine features help when welding, but the user/fabricator/welder can do the same on entry level machine if they can understand settings and prep/fitment of the work piece.
2013-10-23 15:02:19
my syncro 250 puts out some pretty good stuff.

I know if I have a newer machine I could really extend my abilities. I will deff be upgrading next year. just trying to decide what machine I want.
2013-10-23 15:35:19
keep the 250 it has all the features you will ever need. Newer machine = extend abilities ? Going for industrial clients ? only real upgrade would be for a machine that simply puts out more power or is able to be used in production. Its all in the settings and prep work.
2013-10-24 01:38:01
I think when it come to arc control a newer machine would help out.

I deff have had great results with the 250 but fact is that it is old technology. I will never get rid of this machine. it has more then enough power and very good control.

ive just been hearing a lot of people say that after they upgraded to a newer inverter they have seen night and day diff in weld quality.
2013-10-24 14:36:49
Heard the same, tried both new and old, as long as the metal was prepped correct, ran same beads. Difference being watercooled, was able to run beads for longer without discomfort of hot torch in my hands. Thats why I would love a watercooled machine.
2013-10-24 16:08:24
sounds good. I would deff like to try a new machine at some point.

im hoping to convert my 250 to water cool soon
2013-10-24 21:23:14
looks very nice! glad to see some nice quality tigs coming out at an affordable price.
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