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Thread: Let's talk helmets.

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2010-04-15 13:27:26
When are the new SA2010 coming out?Anybody know?
It seems like it would be a good idea to wait if you can.
I was wanting to buy a new Helmet,but when does the sa2005 become obsolete?
I would hate to buy one and only be able to use it a few times.
2010-04-15 13:42:48
^ For SCCA, you can use the current rating, as well as the previous 2 ratings. So SN95, SN2000, and SN2005 would be valid.

According to NASA CCR, they allow the current rating, as well as the previous 3 ratings. So SN90, SN95, SN20000, and SN2005.

It looks like SN2010 automotive helmets won't be out until October or November.

also I found a couple of sites that say the NHRA rule book states the SA2005 ratings expire 1/1/2017.
2010-04-15 14:34:27
^^^oh wow...I guess its nothing to worry about right now then...THANKS!!
2010-04-15 22:45:20
^ no problem! now go get your SA2005 and post a pic
2010-04-24 21:54:42
Originally Posted by Calum
Yep, I do. I use a Bieffe GR.1500 XLarge (its an older model). It fits my large head just fine, and I wear glasses too (its a full face helmet). Bieffe seems to do a good job with the larger head sizes. They've got an XXL if your head is freak of nature huge too.

IMHO if it's your first helmet, just get a good one appropriate to your level of events, go with your own preference, above the required standard, focus on FIT. If you compete later in another level, the decision will be made for you by the sanctioning body and you'll be also in a position to make a more informed decision about what is important to look for.

As a "freak of nature" (my Mother says the same thing, go figure, so I don't take it personally) I can attest to the variation of sizing among brands w/re to XL and even XXL. I bought a FF Pyrotech on a Z group buy in XXL but it didn't fit well in front or up top in the back. Supposed to be for up to 7 7/8" size, but fit more like an XL. For low key events I still wear an open face helmet most of the time, because I bought a FF with "good enough" fit given my limited choices.

Figure out your budget, and if you're not in the M, L category, expect to pay more to find something that works. There on some acceptable SA 2005 rated open face helmets (do NOT buy an M rated helmet for auto use, that's just nuts, as almost no one allows them) to be found around $100-125. I can't think of any decent FF helmets that cost less than more than double that. The SA ratings are not optional unless you're buying low buck POS to go to events where you don't care and neither does the organizer.

Wes and Kieran's points about debris and eye protection are right on the money so in either case shield, glasses (wrap style with safety lenses that won't shatter) you want.

Safety you really have to look at the total picture holistically to argue the finer points. IMHO the difference between a CF and FF helmet when you don't have a approved seat mounted fixed or with approved adj rails, a full cage in the car, don't have fuel cells and fire suppression, don't wear fire-retardant clothing and gloves, etc and drive a car 15+ years old that is an Epic Fail compared to today's minimum crash standards. at 120+ mph even on a track, well, it's pretty much bullsheet to get religious about the difference in the facial coverage.

I mean crap, just how scary are OEM B13 seat belts?

2010-04-24 21:56:42
Originally Posted by Cesardrgn
something SA2005 will be ideal if you can get one

this is what i got a few days ago

Be warned that Pyrotech XL/XXL sizing runs small, otherwise +1 on a good choice.
2010-05-11 22:11:01
i need to borrow a helmet, i'm not going to buy one for a once a year activity..
2010-05-11 22:25:27
I'll be taking 3 helmets. 2 of them are xl and one is a medium i believe. All motorcycle helmets. I hope that's fine.
2010-05-11 23:01:44
I'll have a spare M95 full face helmet with me as well.
2010-05-11 23:24:05
Originally Posted by OptimumSE-R
I'll be taking 3 helmets. 2 of them are xl and one is a medium i believe. All motorcycle helmets. I hope that's fine.

I will probably require AT LEAST xl... so if you're willing to rent one to me for the day, that would be great!!! how much for a daily rental??!?
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