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Thread: sentra se radiator hose sizes

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2016-01-05 15:18:28
sentra se radiator hose sizes
hey im trying to buy an adapter for my sr20 powered sentra and need to know the inner diam. size for the upper hose? anyone help?
2016-01-05 17:57:08
34mm is what you need for the SR20 models.
2016-01-06 01:38:14
cool thanks bro you know what size vacuum hoses are ? 7mm?
2016-01-06 20:02:00
Originally Posted by Dave
cool thanks bro you know what size vacuum hoses are ? 7mm?

Depends on which specific hose you are referring to, and which specific model year/chassis. There are several different size hoses typically, and they may not necessarily be the same between model years because of where they are running to.

Best advice is to get a cheap caliper to check what you have there now to get the right parts. Harbor Freight has a cheap one without a digital scale for $3, digital ones as low as $11, based on their web site as of today.
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