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Thread: Need help getting a speed sensor out...

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2011-05-27 03:40:56
Need help getting a speed sensor out...
Im trying to get it out of my '93 se-r with a digital sensor to use on my nx cluster swap in my '91 se-r. the bracket is broken, but it wont come out of the transmission. how the hell do these things come out?
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2011-05-27 04:11:45
Some of them end up breaking before coming out. I usually grab a hold of the very bottom of it with some channel locks and slowly twist it out. I've had them break off trying to use a screwdriver or anything like that.
2011-05-27 04:13:42
it was already broken when i unscrewed it. :/ im assuming you're talking about the bracket. i will try that tomorrow. it won't crush the housing?
2011-05-27 05:53:55
If your not careful it will. Thats why I usually try to get it around the lower section where it meets the transmission. The 91-92 sensors are even worse because once they decide to become stuck, its game over. I broke those damn things on two of my old transmissions.
2011-05-27 06:20:25
i just need to get my mechanical one out of my car now. lol hopefully it doesnt break.
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