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Thread: FIGS Engineering Jack Jaw

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2017-03-07 03:15:22
FIGS Engineering Jack Jaw
So I came across these awhile back and finally decided to grab one up to review it and perhaps get a group buy going on if people are interested. I talked to the company and they said they might be willing to do something like that. I didnt do anything with details cause no point until I see if there might be interest. I also needed to get one and test it out for myself so I could do this review. ANYWAY.............

First the basically information.
This is the Jack Jaw by FIGS Engineering. Company located out in Colorado. They run about $26.25 shipped each. They are pretty small about 2.25in long, 1.5in high and about 1.75in deep. It comes with a Urethane insulator liner to protect paint and center the JACK JAW for alignment, but in my testing you had to remove it in order to it over the pinch weld. Maybe if your weld is fresh and straight it would work with the insulator, but mine was a little fucky so I bent my weld back together a bit and it worked with out the insert. Doesnt seem to be a big deal though, the rail goes inside the slot and there is no where for it to bend so it should stay fresh. This product is pretty straight forward. It should remedy your concern about damaging your jack points on the rail if thats the points you use. I personally will prob order 3 more to use in combination with my Ranger Quick Jack i'm going to be buying soon. Should help seal in the freshness of the rail. I'm going to post the information off the website below with a link to it...........


Born of necessity, we set out to resolve the destructive impact of jacking on the factory jack points. Our IS-F had been punished by repeated jacking at the weak factory seams and even with extensive repair at the body shop they were never the same. So how could we prevent this in the future, the Jack Jaw was born. The resulting product was created after extensive testing and long term abuse at the track and on the lift. We feel it’s a simple elegant solution to get you jacking with confidence again. Keep 2 in the car when you take it in for service, one in the track bag for the wheel changes and one on the mantle.

Your order includes:
1 FIGS Jack Jack adapter

-6061 Aluminum extrusion
-Urethane insulator liner to protect paint and center the JACK JAW for alignment.
-1.5" profile will reach behind side skirts and other aero parts keeping your jack's support beam from harming them.
-Transparent Orange Powdercoated aluminum end caps for long lasting looks and high visibility. Also serves as a ridgid gusset for strength.
-Gap is approx 7mm with no insulator and 2.5mm with insulator. If your frame fits this range then the product should work universally however it has only been tested on Lexus vehicles and a few German makes. Remove insulator only if rail is damged or wider than 2.5mm.

If you have a fresh jack point ALWAYS USE THE INSULATOR to prevent the jack jack from rocking. If the load shifts from the center channel it will damage the jack jaw. If at any point there is concern please contact us.

To Install:
-Slip over frame rail factory jacking point
-Make sure rail bottoms into the valley of the Jack Jaw
-Lube Urethane for easier sliding.
-Jack at base of Jack Jaw in the center of the circular jack pad.

I'll post up some pictures later, but I'm sure you can understand it from the site. If there might be interest in these, perhaps i can get a group buy going on. I just thought it was a product worth checking out..........so I did.

Product Pictures.

2017-03-07 03:17:02
For some reason I cant edit my original post, so here is the link to the website page.

FIGS JACK JAW Frame Rail Armor
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