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Thread: Definitive Bad Aftermarket Parts and failure Thread

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2014-03-10 18:17:02
Buy OEM lower control arms.
2014-03-10 18:54:33
yea that's the plan but I cant get them today. already called all the dealers near me and closest oem's are in Tennessee. already on order, just need a band aid to get me rolling again and go to work thus the duralast part.
2014-03-10 19:25:23
The Duralast lower control arm is a re-branded Dorman part that's made in China. Just a little info from someone who JUST replaced this on a friend's B13, lol.
2014-03-11 00:07:21
Does anyone know who made the OEM control arm for Nissan? I know quite a few items were made by Beck Arnly and I was wondering if this was one of them.
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