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Thread: Nx owner? Fix your parcel shelf for cheap

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2016-01-20 01:32:50
Nx owner? Fix your parcel shelf for cheap
Hey all. Need to know this. What is the part of your parcel shelf that always breaks. Pins on the shelf, receiver clips on the strut tower, nubs on the hatch? All of the above? I need to know what needs to be resolved here before I put a ton of work in.

This is not what is readily available, but what breaks all the time because one day there won't be any readily available and you'll be like damb, shoulda got that when I had the chance.

Is there any of the three hat never breaks?
2016-01-20 02:30:51
I have 2 Nx's, out of both of them they are both missing the pins on the shelf & receiver clips on the strut tower.
3 of 4 nubs on the hatches (both cars) are there, 4th is just plain missing entirely.
Also, out of 2 Nx's personally seen in the jy's they were both missing the exact same things as mine.
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2016-01-20 02:53:35
Perfect, excellent help. Anyone else?
2016-01-20 07:33:46
The clips tend to break that hold the shelf, so if there ever is a an nx at a pull a part I usually seek out those. I have never had issues with the pins on the shelf or the nubbies on the hatch, but to be safe I would pull the nubs too if I came across them. I am actually going to try (when I have the time) to fabricate a couple of clips so I don't ever have to worry about them. As of late though I haven't had any problems now that I am using a parcel shelf.
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2016-01-20 20:36:25
Somebody back in the day on the old forum did a run on the pieces that broke all the time. Might be worth contacting them
2016-01-20 22:52:23
Yup I've got those n hand already
2016-06-07 18:58:43
They all broke because people would throw stuff on the hatch shelf, then open the rear hatch putting a ton of stress on them. They weren't meant to hold weight outside the weight of the parcel shelf. I will look for the part number I used to have for the string clips that are on the hatch. The clip on the interior panel that houses the speaker doesn't have a part number that I remember, it was all one piece from Nissan. The Parcel shelf is the same, all one piece.

2016-06-07 19:07:19
2016-06-17 19:48:21
Does this mean we might see some custom made ones?
2016-06-22 19:45:12
My clips and pins have held up surprisingly. I do have those custom machined pins from a way back as back up. One nub on the hatch is loose. I'm thinking of gluing it directly to the trim piece as if it were an integrated part. From what I've heard the nubs are easy to break trying to remove them from a part out.
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