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Thread: NX Registry

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2010-07-19 15:27:49
^^LOL. Good heads up though for people that miss the original thread.
2010-08-08 18:10:12
101365 Black NX2K 5spd, at Pullapart Norcross, Salvage!
2010-08-09 16:24:16
Who's got this? When it was sold it was silver-ish w/VIS CF hood.

101318 08/91, SentraDragon, NX2000, 5spd, T-tops, Black, power package

Anyone been updating? SentraDragon probably hasn't logged on in 2 months and doesn't post very often. WOW owns his life
2010-08-09 17:35:43
White 1992 NX2000, T-Tops, power windows, non abs, Manual trans. Final resting place, Pull-a-part in Conley, GA. Mileage on odometer is 173,705

Vin: 102962
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2010-09-02 01:49:27
Originally Posted by TrackJunky82
White 1992 NX2000, T-Tops, power windows, non abs, Manual trans. Final resting place, Pull-a-part in Conley, GA. Mileage on odometer is 173,705

Vin: JN1GB36C9NU102962

hey could you get some parts off of it? Namely the rubber t-top grommet plug? fits on the main roof body panel and covers a bolt?

2010-09-02 02:08:29
Originally Posted by hammerin
103629 sold to jamanrr (dash id) from onefastshelby (ebay id). Car has questionable mileage per Andreas Mikos personal inspection. Odometer reads 32K but wear and tear tell a different story. Forum members beware.

guys I have been all over this car and I just got through replacing the transmission fluid. My buddy offered to buy the car from me for the amount I paid for it and I balked. If it was all bad and not original mileage I would tell you. I have replaced every fluid on the car and even replace the check valve. How often does a check valve go bad? (never unless from sitting) Replaced it and all is good again. MT90 (almost 4 quarts like WTF) and the thing shifts like butter -- it is like I went back to 1993 and bought the car new off the lot. I am having the bumper fixed but me and 20 ASE certified mechanics would stand behind the 34500 miles as being original for this car. I do not plan to sell it nor do I see me trying to represent this car as something it is not. The guy that owned the car is not a mechanic nor mechanically inclined.

I pulled the dash apart and broke the fog light plug (since been replaced) and IMO the dash cluster was never apart. The transmission plugs including top gauge plug and the lower transmission speed sensor has never been touched nor removed. The factory zinc coating is still over it and IMO the fluid was original. The magnet drain plug had the break in gear grease still on it. The CV joints still had the original parts bin stickers on them and the boots show 0 wear. That would be hard as hell to do if the car had 130,000 miles on it. Plus he would have to had the glass polished and there is not but two scratches on it. Every 100,000 mile car I have seen you can tell by the windshield and the front headlights or fog lights. These have nothing on them and while the drivers side fog light has a bee-be size rock chip in it, I have yet to find a fog light as clean as it so probably have to see if I can get the junk yard one I have polished or fork over 180 bucks if I want a new one.

Miko would say well of course you would say because you own the car. If it was a bad car I would have sold it to my buddy for the amount I paid for it. Instead he ended up pissed off at me and bought a Versa. I am going to enjoy the car since IMO it is a 35000 mile NX2000 and one of the nicest ones around. Sure I am pissed off about the bumper and the lick it took in the rear end but it will soon be sorted. Remember guys Miko saw this car for 30 minutes sized it up as something he would not pay 5-6 grand for and then did not want it. I have been all over the car. Replacing things and doing service on it and I have done this on 100s of cars and know what to look for and how to tell. This is a nice NX2000. that is all.
2010-09-02 02:33:27
003667. bought this from bowlcut back in june of 08. posted it up on other forum but i dont think it ever got changed.
2010-09-15 23:39:14
deal fell through.
2010-09-16 00:14:49
2010-09-16 13:57:11
vqman, was that jkho's old ride? I've only seen that colour once, and it was his.
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