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Thread: NEMU battery died and wont hold a tune.

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2018-10-09 17:23:18
NEMU battery died and wont hold a tune.
Just FYI, doesn't look like these are self charging.

Mine died, and didn't hold a tune. The fix is relatively simple, replace the battery!

PN# BR-2330A from Digikey

Took all of maybe 5 min to replace the battery by unsoldering the 3 points, cleaning up the pads, then soldering in the new battery.

That is all.
2018-10-10 08:05:54
Yay a new write up!
2018-10-20 17:16:58
Good info, I had wondered what would be the outcome if the battery dies. Just to replace the battery and reload the tune and its business as usual? Might be worthwhile to replace with a socket type battery holder and then easy to replace with regular CR3032.
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