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Thread: help me with fog light wiring

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2018-02-10 02:54:31
help me with fog light wiring
My car already has the fog light set up but i need to install new wires because my factory wires are 22-24 gauge. I bought some HID fog lights and their wires are 16 gauge thick.

I bought this ebay wire https://www.ebay.com/itm/H1-H3-H7-Relay-Harness-Wire-Kit-AddOn-Daytime-Running-Fog-Lamp-HID-LED-DRL-Light/371975691788?epid=655854273&hash=item569b7a9e0c:g:fMEAAOSwlMFZMNdv&vxp=mtr.

all I need to know is where can I connect wires #5. I have my fog light diagram. I was thinking about connecting it to pin 3 the R/Y wire. I want to turn on and off the lights using the switch inside my car.

pictures from the ebay relay.



Foglight diagram for my car 01 Sentra:


2018-02-10 09:11:37
Here are the two pertinant images from the eBay auction.

I'm pretty sure this is the situation.

Wire #1) Connect to positive terminal of the battery (or similar) as shown in the schematic.
Wire #2) Connect to the negative terminal of the battery or chassis ground as shown in the schematic.
Plug #3) Connect to one of the fog lights.
Plug #4) Connect to the other fog light.
Wire #5) Connect to a switched +12v source such as the fuse box, or other accessory power source. You could use the "6V" location in your diagram below. However I think it's best to have your dash-mounted fog light switch control these things. So go downstream a little bit and connect to "3" of the "E46" module, and disconnect the wire that was there originally. This way the fog light switch circuitry will control the fog lights.

And here are your wiring diagrams embedded in this post:

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2018-02-10 10:59:48
To wire up the switch as you want to...Use a test probe or a volt meter to test the wire before you cut anything. I rewired the existing fog light switch so that they will only turn on if the parking lights are on... but I turn them on with the switch in the center console... which I think that's probably what you want.

Using Ben's info you could, turn on parking lights, probe the switch for 12v, once you find it turn off parking lights and MAKE SURE you no longer have 12v.
2018-02-10 22:07:54
Like you guys are saying, i want to use the fog on/off switch.

So, Should i wrap the #5 wire on the actual #3 pin or tap the R/Y wire?
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2018-02-10 23:30:10
Assuming you're fine with losing power to the original fog light plugs, I would pull the wire out of pin #3 on the E46 relay and connect to that. But splicing into the R/Y wire should work just as well. It's a matter or preference I guess. If you splice it in, then the OEM fog light plugs will still get power. That would bug me, but maybe you won't care.
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