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Thread: Posi lock vs quick tap connectors

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2017-02-19 23:46:44
Posi lock vs quick tap connectors
I was wondering if anyone has used any of these products. I'm looking to install a rear view camera but it would mean splicing into a 22 Guage wire and then crimping it back together with the rear view camera. I've spliced and crimped connectors before, but these wires are small as hell that maybe a posi tap or quick splice would be just as good.
2017-02-20 01:22:10
Solder it.
2017-03-05 05:58:46
I have to second @calvin269 advice.
2017-03-06 16:53:23
I'll agree that soldering is THE best approach, but I realize not everyone has the equipment and/or the proper technique. If not done properly it could end up being a problem in the future.

I've never used posi taps before, but looking at them they seem to be ideal for tapping into a wire that might be in a loom with several others and tough to access. Other than that, coming off a wire at a hard right angle doesn't look very nice and could leave it prone to catching/pulling. I prefer the 3M Quick Splice, and as long as they're sized properly and taped off well you'll most likely never have an issue with them.

That said, a good strip, tight twist and tight tape job with quality tape (3M) will get the job done and last indefinitely. Instead of tape, heat shrink tubing would be a decent scheme.
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2017-03-06 21:17:35
Rofl. Hahahha
2017-03-15 21:57:54
I'm under the assumption you are tapping into an existing wire and still want said wire to run to its original destination? If so, wouldn't soldering be solution if you were cutting the wire completely and redirecting it to another wire? Good chance its a copper wire which can be a bit of a pain to solder if it isnt tinned. I also tend to lean toward the 3M style wire taps myself in splice jobs. Might I suggest with using the 3M wire taps to "layer" up the new wire. Strip the rubber off a good bit and fold the wire over to get more wire material in the game. As for the wire being tapped into you could maybe pinch the metal clip gaps closer together if it doesnt seem like it will work. However if you are talking 22g wire I'd imagine you'd only need to catch a piece of the wire with the metal clip as it's not like that small of a gauge wire is delivering a big pay load of current.
2017-03-16 13:12:41
Would you prefer it be a PITA now? Or do it again when it's a PITA later?

Just save yourself the headache and solder the friggin thing.
22ga isn't that hard to work with.
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