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Thread: turn signal problem.

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2016-10-26 21:28:26
turn signal problem.
my car got hit and the turn signal wires on the driver side had popped out. I put the wires back in but . I turned on the signal it flashes quickly on the inside dash. the bulb on the front of the car doesn not work. the rear signals work fine but flash quickly. i tried switching the bulb but it's still the same. any ideas?

there's a blackwire(slot1) red wire(middle/ slot 2), and a green wire(slot 3). what do those colors mean? just wondering.
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2016-10-26 22:00:04
Check the wiring on the connector where it popped out, you likely have a bad connection or maybe even broken wire. Could be the flasher unit itself, but that seems unlikely given the scenario.
2016-10-27 06:49:26
anyone know what is terminal 1 and where are E7 and E37 grounds are located? i remember putting some scotch tape around the shiny metal things you see in the pic. it left some sticky residue. Can i clean it with alcohol rub or water?
2016-10-27 13:53:49
You need an FSM...like PREGO™..."it's in there"
2016-10-27 13:55:46
Terminal one us usually indicated by a raised notch at the back of the plug.
2016-10-28 05:22:46
I have trouble reading those diagrams. Good news! I connected the three connectors straight to the bulb's prongs and it works! the turn signal flashes normally, but I had to remove the connectors from the pigtail/ socket. I'm not sure why they aren't going all the way in when I put them in the correct order and in the correct face side up. Now i just need a replacement front bumper with the bumper bracket.

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